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Below is the summary of Mr. Mike Lindell, the famous Mr. Pillow’s speech at the main venue of the first-anniversary celebration of the New Federal State of China. Mr. Lindell brought his new film “Absolutely 9-0”.

1. Mr. Bannon’s introduction: “Mike Lindell through his own lawsuits, and his own effort, and his own money, he has a lawsuit that he’s going to take to the Supreme Court, that’s going to show the Chinese Communist Party interfered in the 2020 election in the United States to defeat Donald J. Trump. This film (Absolutely 9-0) shows positively that the CCP was involved in cyber-attacks that changed the outcome of the 2020 election. You see the world premiere of this film for this audience at the New Federal State of China.”

2. Mr. Lindell talked about who was behind stealing the election. He said, “As you will see in the film, this is like having a movie camera during a bank robbery.” The PCAPs (data packets) are all real evidence. The white-hat hacker in this film is a cybersecurity expert with over 20 years of experience, and the data intercepted are all smoking gun evidence. Mr. Lindell said, “When we bring this lawsuit before the Supreme Court, it is going to be 9-0.  It is such a blessing for the United States to have such PCAP in possession.”

3.Mr. Giuliani congratulated Mr. Lindell. He said, “This man is very courageous. He is fighting the fight we all have to fight, for freedom, for America that remains free, and for China that becomes free. ” 

Mr. Bannon announced that Mr. Lindell would be back to answer questions after the film that presents new evidence of the election fraud.

4. Mr. Bannon: “If you go back and look at this past year, Miles Guo, crazy Miles Guo, he warned America when he came here from China what the CCP was capable of doing. On June 4th last year, we were at the harbor in front of the Statue of Liberty and founded the New Federal State of China. The CCP virus is from the Wuhan Lab. And Mike Lindell has now proven that they came, attacked and cyber hacked into the American election to get rid of President Donald J. Trump.”

5. Mr. Lindell said that he really didn’t expect that he would be involved in cyber warfare. After seeing the evidence, he thought it was unexplainable by common sense, so he started digging into his own investigations. He said, “There was so much organic cheating, dead people voting, non-residents, all these different things going on. On election night Donald Trump was going to win anyway because they underestimated him. That’s why they had to stop everything in the middle of the night.” 

Mr. Lindell continued to say, “they told us that Biden won. They hoped that we would give up and say, “Better luck in 2022. We will campaign harder”. We were in the twilight zone for a week and didn’t know what was going on here.” He said that, for example, Michigan suddenly had more than 100,000 votes for Biden. The judges, legislators, or governors didn’t do their job and let the democrats and CCP steal the election. They committed election fraud and manipulated our country. He said that no matter which party’s votes were stolen, he would come out to expose them.

Then he said, “On January 9th, I was given a piece of evidence that was different. That was one of those cyber PCAP (data packets) you have just seen. Wow, that would explain the big deviation that I looked at. This was about millions of millions of votes.”  Mr. Lindell decided to go all in. But the media was controlled and tried to brainwash the public. “I kept telling the media that I have the evidence. I will send it to them, and they won’t put it up. Because their bosses wouldn’t let them, there is a big cover-up.” And they started to attack Mr. Lindell on YouTube, Vimeo, Google, etc. And Dominion, backed by the CCP, filed a lawsuit against him as well. 

Mr. Lindell welcomed the lawsuit. He said, “We dropped this evidence in there. They are called PCAP. You cannot change them.” Some states are recounting the votes. We want to show the theft of the CCP’s vote-counting machines. He believes that “In the future, it is going to be a great uniting of our country. We will once again be a nation under God.”

Mr. Lindell said that during the legal proceedings, many of the lawyers received intimidation. They have millions of lines of data that need to be verified again to prepare for litigation. The whole world is paying attention to this election. Many things are not true. They have no evidence to prove that there is no election fraud. Mr. Lindell said that Trump would definitely win.

6. Mr. Bannon asked about how the legal proceedings were carried out.

7. Mr. Lindell said: “It will be sometime in July. We will bring the whole case to the supreme court.” He said that it was horrific that Dominion threw lawfare at people so that nobody could talk about the election fraud.  Mr. Bannon replied, “There is lots of propaganda in the media, but G-TV has kept countering them every day.”  

Mr. Lindell added that he made sure that all the data had been validated and re-validated to make sure this is right. “It doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat or a Republican. This is our country’s election. The whole world is watching this election.” 

Mr. Lindell believed that this election would get pulled down, and Donald Trump would be put back in office by the end of August. This is a fraud and crime. The supreme court justices cannot deny the evidence. They will go 9-0.  

8. Mr. Bannon asked Mr. Lindell, “With the CCP virus coming out of Wuhan Lab, with the Dominion case, if you prove in the court of law that this cyber-attack actually happened, do you think it should be deemed as an act of war by the Chinese Communist Party against not only the United States but all free people in the world?”

9. Mr. Lindell believes that this absolutely is an act of war. This is a takeover of historic proportions. But they got caught. We have the evidence. This will change our history and stop the CCP. 

When we look back on our history, all of this is in the hands of God. He said, “We will be one nation under God again.” The CCP virus is a fact. They think we have no evidence. This will change the course of our history.

10. At the end of the speech, everyone stood up. Mr. Bannon led a cheer “Take Down the CCP,” together with Mike and everybody. Mr. Lindell concluded that “Great times are coming.”  

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