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Peter Navarro said President Trump should expose how the “little twerp” Dr. Fauci lied to him in the oval office, on War Room, Saturday.

“The boss is going to go after Fauci,” Navarro said of Trump’s upcoming speech in North Carolina.

“I think what the boss needs to say is that little twerp came into the oval 100 times during the crisis and he never once looked me in the eye and said, ‘I think it came from that lab, and I think it was genetically-engineered.”

“It would have changed my world,” Navarro said, if the administration had known the true origins of the virus. “We would have had a totally different approach.”

Navarro also assailed Chris Wallace, who he called “evil” for claiming Fauci is the victim of political attacks and falsely claiming there is no smoking gun in Fauci’s emails.

Navarro says in just one email from government-funded scientist Kristian Andersen on Jan. 31, 2020 proves they knew the virus was potentially “engineered.”

“This is the biggest story in history,” Navarro said. “This guy [Fauci] used American taxpayer money…and wound up causing a pandemic and then he hid the pandemic from the world. This is not a public servant.”

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