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Live from GA Convention

Stephen K. Bannon explains the power of the working class signing up for the Precinct Project. “It’s a sense of empowerment,” he said.

Co-host Natalie Winters explains how the Democrat Party ran cover for the Chinese Communist Party because of their hatred for President Trump.

Bernie Kerik reports live from the GOP Georgia convention and previews Vernon Jones’ speech.

“Everybody I talk to comes up to me and says I watch you on the War Room,” he said. “You’ve got a lot of fans in Georgia, buddy.”

Kerik says Jones will focus on the forensic audit in his speech, demanding Georgia get to the bottom of Nov. 3.

“Donald Trump is not in the White House today because of Brian Kemp,” Kerik said. “And governors and legislatures like him…that certified results that were fraudulent.” 

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‘Donald Trump Actually Won By a Landslide’

Bernie Kerik says he is “1,000 percent positive” President Trump won in a landslide, and the evidence will prove it.

There is “no doubt in mind that it was stolen,” he said. 

“The evidence is coming out loud and clear. And I think in the next several weeks, especially in Georgia, you’re going to see a flip and people are going to have a heart attack,” Kerik said.

“The evidence is going to be overwhelming,” he said. “And the American people are going to see that Donald Trump actually won the election by a landslide.”

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Deplorables Shock Establishment in GA

Radio host John Fredericks reports like from the GOP Georgia convention, where the Deplorables have taken it over.

“I’ve never seen anything like I have in the past three days here in Jekyll Island,” he said.

“Deplorables have come in droves, over one-third of the delegates here are brand new, never been to a convention before.

“They want to save their country,” Fredericks said. “They know Trump won.”


The ‘Peaceful Protester’ of the Flying Saucer World 

Joe Allen, writer at the Federalist and new contributor to War Room, breaks down the upcoming Pentagon UFO report and what’s the real agenda behind it.

On June 25th the military will release its report on what it calls “UAP,” which Allen says is the politically correct moniker for UFOs, sort of like “the ‘peaceful protester’ of the flying saucer world.” 

“The Pentagon is obviously going out of their way to normalize this,” said Stephen K. Bannon. 

And that’s one of the big reasons to be skeptical, Allen says.

“When you have a media ecosystem that’s full of predators you always have to be on guard for misinformation,” he said.

Allen and Bannon specifically point to Barack Obama’s numerous interviews, warning a new religious cult could form out of the release of the UFO report. 

“Why is the timing now?” Bannon said.

Obama says new religions could spring up and US may spend more on weapons if UFO report confirms alien life

Audit the Wuhan Lab

Real America’s Voice correspondent Heather Mullins reports live from the North Carolina GOP convention, where President Trump will deliver a speech on Saturday night.

The main discussions are about “how to take back the state at the grassroots level.”

“The same people who looked to cause problems like Nov. 3 in other states” are looking to disrupt North Carolina,” Mullins said.

Natalie Winters compares calling the election too early for Joe Biden to how the media called the origins of the virus too early. 

“Now we’re going to have an audit of sorts” for the Wuhan lab, she said.


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