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Lawyer Up, Fauci

War Room broadcasts live from its Long Island studios, and Stephen K. Bannon says it’s time for Dr. Fauci to “lawyer up.” 

“Tony Fauci should today lawyer up,” he said.

“This is a bombshell,” said Raheem Kassam, of the Vanity Fair article, which “found the hook within the U.S. government,” which was Christopher Park, the director of the State Department’s Biological Policy Staff. 

Kassam says the piece exposes the “bureaucracy within bureaucracy within bureaucracy” that covered up for Fauci and the NIH, and said, “Hey, we don’t need to talk about this, we need to keep gain of function out of our mouths.”

Vanity Fair: The Lab-Leak Theory: Inside the Fight to Uncover COVID-19’s Origins

Arizona Gov Candidate Kari Lake 

Kari Lake, candidate for Arizona Governor, explains why she’s running and must take on the establishment in both parties.

“This is a time for the people to stand up and get involved,” she said. “We’re seeing everyday people get into politics, they’re running for school board.

“I’m running for Arizona because I have an understanding of what this state is going through…and I want to go represent them. I don’t have a special interest other than the people of Arizona.

Lake said a lot of Republicans are  a lot like the Democrats, they’re just the uniparty, they’re all pushing for the same corrupt thing.” 

“I’m a conservative conservative principles are the way out of the mess that we’re in,” she said.


MAGA Arrives in Jekyll Island

Radio host John Fredericks reports from the GOP convention in Jekyll Island, where the Deplorables are out in full force.

“No one on our side is going to go forward until we get to the bottom of Nov. 3,” he said. “Eighty percent of every Republican I talk to, even the moderates, they want answers.

“In their gut, in their head they know the election was stolen,” Fredericks said. “Joe Biden didn’t get 80 million votes.”

Fredericks also gives an update on more corruption in Fulton County, this time with the GOP trying to block MAGA candidate Susan Opraseuth’s election as chair.

Fredericks says David Shafer is on his way to reelection for Georgia GOP chairman, after he endorsed a full forensic audit in the state.

‘NBC News gets the headline RIGHT for once! The FREIGHT TRAIN of audits is coming across the country and the Democrats, liberal media, and their comrades are melting down’

Big Biden Miss

War Room reacts to 559,000 jobs added in May, when it was expected to be over 650,000.

“Biden is driving this economy over the cliff,” Bannon said.

Raheem Kassam explains how the War Room posse helps expose more damning Fauci emails.

“This is now a citizens movement,” said Bannon. “We give it to you hard, and look at what’s happened in this country.”

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