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Patriotic Democrats Volunteer to Help Audit in Arizona

War Room gives an update on the forensic audit in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, Natalie Winters, and Jack Posobiec report live from the floor of the convention for the first anniversary of the founding of the New Federal State of China.

Investigative journalist Drew Hernandez shares news the media is trying to hide: patriotic Democrats on the ground support the Arizona audit.

“There’s actually Democrats that are volunteering their time because they believe in Democracy and they believe if the American people want to look into their own so-called free election, they should have the right to,” he said. “There are Democrats in Arizona that support this audit.”

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How Propaganda Works

Drew Hernandez explains how the media is using CCP-style propaganda to smear the Arizona audit.

“They’re attempting to get ahead of the results,” he said. “If you Google the arizona audit right now all the top articles are “Arizona audit is a fraud.’

“This is how propaganda works in Communist China,”Hernandez explains. “They attempt to get ahead of anything…even though it’s 100 percent true, they’ve already been engineered to believe the lie.”

Lindell Crashes War Room Live Show in NYC

War Room reacts to President Trump’s statement demanding China pay the U.S. $10 trillion for the CCP virus.

Natalie Winters says $10 trillion is “certainly an opening bid.”

“There’s no way you can quantify the American lives lost,” she said. 

Mike Lindell crashes War Room’s live broadcast from the Freedom Tower in New York City.

Lindell explains his new lawsuit against Dominion and Smartmatic, which names their lawyers as co-conspirators.

“They went out and used lawfare…when they were guilty all along and they knew they were guilty,” he said. “They helped the CCP attack our country, steal this election and they thought they’d get away with it.”

Lindell also previews his new documentary premiering tonight, Absolutely 9-0, which shows the election night receipts of the stolen votes.

Trump: ‘Our Country is fortunate I didn’t do what Dr. Fauci wanted me to do…’ 

Trump Says Fauci Exposed, China Should Pay $10 Trillion in Damages


‘Donald Trump Will Be Your President in August’

Mike Lindell reveals Absolutely 9-0 got 600,000 hits in the first hour on alone.

Raheem Kassam points out the double standard of Dominion’s attack on the free press, and Big Media couldn’t care less.

Finally, is Lindell going to back down?

“I lost my box stores, i lost my Twitter, my friends say ‘you don’t get it, he’ll never back down.’ 

“Donald Trump will be your president at the end of August.”

War Room previews the programming at the first anniversary of the founding of the New Federal State of China. The event will feature Jack Posobiec’s address in Mandarin, Peter Navarro, Raheem Kassam, Stephen K. Bannon, and more.

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