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Fauci’s Boss 

War Room breaks down NIH Director Francis Collins’ role in the virus’ origins, and how he’s now trying to minimize the funding of the Wuhan lab.

“They never mentioned to anyone the relationship they really had to Wuhan, they continued to put the finger on the wet market,” said Stephen K. Bannon. “Francis Collins, the blood is on your hands. The blood is on Tony Fauci’s hands.”

America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani returns and reflects on 9/11, as War Room broadcasts live from the Freedom Tower.

“They thought they were hitting the center of our economy, of our government, by hitting the Congress that failed, and the hitting of the center of our Defense, the Pentagon,” Giuliani said, of the terrorists. “They didn’t realize the resiliency that we have.”

Unfortunately, Giuliani said he doesn’t know if that’s still true today for New York. 

“I’m not sure if it happened today, I don’t know,” he said. “My city would not be in as good shape today to handle it.”


This is About Saving America

Rudy Giuliani walks through what happened in November in Philadelphia, where they’ve been stealing elections for 50 years. This is a city where “Joe Frazier voted 3 times after he died,” Giuliani notes.

“They pick the cities where they have hacks on the bench, where they owned the city,” he said.

“This is about saving America, there’s no exaggerating that,” Giuliani warned about the fight for election audits across the country.

“If people can get away with stealing votes…it undermines completely our form of government,” he said. “And by the way, it was done to undermine our form of government. Democrats want a one-party country, why do you think they have H.R. 1?”

“Do they have to announce it for people to be intelligence to realize they’re taking us to a socialist country?”

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Another Wuhan Lab Smoking Gun

Natalie WInters reveals her latest exclusive at the National Pulse of Fauci’s connection to the Wuhan Lab.

“It’s a smoking gun,” she said.

The deputy director of the Wuhan lab, which vows to implement the agenda of the CCP “without compromise,” gave a speech at the NIH headquarters in Maryland in 2011.

At the event, the deputy director Yuan Zhiming was “repeatedly telling the NIH to their face that there is ‘no regulation’ of dual-use research” at the lab, Winters said.

Stephen K. Bannon says this once again proves the “lab leak” theory is a misdirection play.

“This is a man-enhanced virus,” he said. 

Wuhan Lab Director Told NIH Conference Of ‘No Regulation’ On Chinese Bat Virus Manipulation, Gain-Of-Function Experiments

Fauci’s Crime Against Humanity

Bannon goes off on Fauci and said he will be responsible for his “crime against humanity.”

“Fauci and Collins, I dare them to show us any text, any email, any personal conversation…where you told anybody on the task force what you knew was going on in Wuhan under your nickel,” Bannon said. “You are responsible, and you’re going to be held accountable.”

“This is a crime against humanity, you did nothing, in fact you tried to cover it up,” Bannon added. “You are going to get nailed as you should.”

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