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Deplorables on the Move in Georgia

War Room is live from New York City for the first anniversary of the founding of the New Federal State of China.

Radio host John Fredericks gives an update on Georgia, where the state party GOP chairman David Shafer just called for a full forensic audit.

Fredericks also reports on the GOP convention in Georgia, reporting the biggest turnout ever. 

“[The Deplorables are] going to take the country back,” he said. “It has to start at the grassroots level.”

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Rabbi Spero Prays for Nation

Rabbi Aryeh Spero gives a prayer for the nation, and calls out the Biden regime’s left-wing social engineering, and daily capitulation to China. 

“The sounds remind us, many are the thoughts and plottings of men but it is Your conclusions which ultimately stand,” he said. “So Lord, as you have done before throughout history, may it be Your will that stands, not the nefarious and corrupt designs of plotting men…that are now filling the executive in Washington.”

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Take Down Elites By Taking Down the CCP

Raheem Kassam and Natalie Winters join War Room live from the Freedom Tower in New York, and say the decay of NYC is connected to the Chinese Communist Party.

“You cannot care about freedom at home and prosperity at home when there is a criminal cartel delivering destruction,” Kassam said.

“And the elites in the West are in business with them,” said Stephen K. Bannon. “They’re inextricably linked.”

Winters says, “You can’t take down the American establishment without taking down the Chinese Communist Party.”

The moral and spiritual decay in New York, from the United Nations to Wall Street and everywhere in between, is linked to the CCP.

“Every single one of those institutions is so beyond compromise by the Chinese Communist Party,” Winters said. “They are so in bed with the CCP. We can’t begin to unwind that unless we take down the CCP first.”

Read: Natalie Winters at the National Pulse 

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‘This is Only the Beginning’ 

Boris Epshteyn explains why MSNBC is his favorite entertainment right now. Epshteyn says Chris Hayes should continue melting down about Arizona, because the freight train of audits is just getting started.

“This is going to be a long process, but at the end of it we will uncover all the wrongdoing,” he said.

“This is only the beginning. The freight train of audits is going to roll through the country,” Epshteyn said. “You know it, we know it and it’s not going to stop anytime soon.”

“All eyes on Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada,” he said. “This is real.”

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Chris Hayes is suddenly worried about “legitimacy” of election

China’s Cyber Threat

Jack Posobiec greets freedom loving people of the world in Mandarin, ahead of his speech at the New Federal State of China.

Posobiec explains the true nature of the cyber threat from the Chinese Communist Party and how Joe Biden won’t do anything to confront China.

“They’ve used cyber attacks to go after our finances, our military,” he said. “To steal our secrets, reverse engineer what we have.”

“[Joe Biden] doesn’t say that it’s the CCP, he doesn’t talk about China, he doesn’t talk about the rise of China around the world,” Posobiec said. “We know that there’s a problem when Joe Biden won’t come out and label China as the threat they are…to all freedom loving people of the world.” 

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