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Mike Lindell Goes on Offense

The My Pillow CEO returns and goes on offense: announcing a brand new lawsuit against Dominion that will put all the voter fraud evidence on the table.

“We’re suing Dominion, and all the evidence we’ve talked about…tomorrow now we’re suing them, and a lot of the evidence will be for the whole world to see,” Lindell said. 

“I kept saying, ‘Sue me Dominion, sue me,’ this is the reason why,” he said.

“I’m always on offense,” Lindell said. “I’m really going on the offense tomorrow, we’re all in.

Lindell also is releasing another documentary, Absolutely 9-0, which shows why his case — separate from the Dominion case — will win unanimously before the Supreme Court. 

Lindell adds, “you can tell when everyone’s nervous,” because it’s been crickets from the left-wing media. 


Trump thinks he’ll be ‘reinstated’ as president in August, according to a report

Absolutely 9-0

Mike Lindell backs his path to the Supreme Court “100 percent” and comments on the ongoing election audits.

“They’re going to all come crumbling down like a house of cards,” he said. “In any down ticket in history, it doesn’t matter…the real winner gets put in.”

Lindell said the case will win 9-0.

“In August here comes Donald Trump, our real president who won this election by 80 million to 61 million,” he said. “Get your head wrapped around a cyber crime of this magnitude.”

‘I’ve Seen Better Elections in Afghanistan’

Col. Doug Mastriano joins War Room live from Arizona, where he’s leading a delegation of Pennsylvania lawmakers observing the forensic audit in Maricopa County. 

“It’s really befuddling to me that anyone would have any concerns” with the audit, Mastriano said. “This is America and we should have free and fair elections, Arizona has nothing to hide…there’s chain of custody…there’s cameras everywhere. This is really the model in the future for any elections that might be in dispute.”

Mastriano led the effort to look into Pennsylvania’s election, where a quarter-of-a-million people have reached out to him expressing concerns about fraud.

“I’ve seen better elections in Afghanistan,” he said. “It’s a darn shame that it’s a bit of a mockery in Pennsylvania.”

“We have to ensure that there’s faith in elections,” he said. “Forty percent or so do not believe that their vote really does count.”

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What Do They Have to Hide?

Doug Mastriano goes into detail of how Arizona is protecting chain of custody and the privacy of individual voters during their forensic audit. 

They are “looking at the ballots and the machines and whether there was any compromise,” he said. “It’s absolutely superb, it’s scientific, and it’s objective.”

“We wouldn’t have been in Gettysburg if not for you, if you didn’t have the courage,” Bannon told Mastriano.

Mastriano said an audit in Pennsylvania should use the Arizona model, and recommends the audit should cover both one Democrat county and one Republican county.

“What do they have to hide?” he said.

Mastriano also urged grassroots action to tell your local state representative and senators whether you want an audit or not.

“We have a grassroots movement out in Pittsburgh because three young ladies are frustrated by the lack of action,” he said. “So they have 60,000 signatures already.”

Plus, Dr. Peter Navarro explains why Georgia is a cesspool of fraud.

“There’s 300,000 ballots sitting in a warehouse and we don’t know where they came from,” he said. “A lot of those are probably just fake ballots.”

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The Smoking Howitzer

Dr. Peter Navarro reveals the “smoking Howitzer” on Dr. Fauci, an email from Kristian Andersen on Jan. 31, 2020, where Andersen said the virus was “potentially engineered.”

“Fauci knew right then that this was a genetically engineered weaponized virus from the Wuhan lab that he funded and who he gave the green light to to use gain of function,” Navarro said. “He’s caught in the act.”

“This is the goods,” he said. “The seven most feared words in Washington, D.C. are Natalie Winters, Raheem Kassam, and The National Pulse.”

Navarro says Fauci didn’t mention this one time in the oval office from January 2020 to Election Day, and predicts there’s more incriminating evidence in Fauci’s emails.

“The redacted material in those emails is where we’re ultimately going to nail this SOB,” he said.

“There’s no reason on God’s good earth for any of those emails to have any redaction in them,” Navarro added. “If there’s national security information in there then that informs us that this was a weapon.”

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