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Romana Didulo is the founder and leader of Canada First, and Head of State and Commander in Chief of Canada The Republic. She has recently uploaded a video stating that vaccines and injections are unlawful, criminal and a crime against humanity. Those who advocated vaccinations will be tried under the Nuremberg Code. Romana states that she will convene a Military Tribunal not only for Crimes Against Humanity, but also Treason, Bio-Terrorism, and Economic sabotage.  This ultimately carries the death penalty.

Didulo also speaks of Corporate-run Government, Corporate-run banking systems and Corporate-run court systems. She mentions wearing of the mask as a sign of submission to the corporate control, and burning a mask signifyies her fight against tyranny.

We the people, Mr. Miles Guo and the comrades in arms, are spreading the truth of the Global ‘Plandemic’ started by the CCP.  It is only a matter of time when the officials run and hide, as the game of global domination comes to an ugly end with the destruction of the CCP and its evil allies.

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