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Jack Posobiec previewed his new book on antifa on War Room, Tuesday, revealing how Christopher Wray and Bill Barr blocked President Trump from going after the domestic terror group.

FBI Director Wray “shrugged his shoulders and did nothing,” Posobiec said. “Meanwhile he turned around and look what he’s done to the people of Jan. 6.”

The book, The Antifa: Stories from Inside the Black Bloc, also reveals Attorney General Barr threatened to resign if Wray was fired, as both stonewalled prosecutions of left-wing domestic terrorists.

Meanwhile, Wray pretended to not understand what antifa was in oval office meetings.

“Full stop, he should have been fired on the spot.” said Stephen K. Bannon. “He’s the head of the FBI.”

“Wray would not go after them as anything other than, ‘Well, it’s just an ideology,” Posobiec said.

The book reveals internal emails from the Department of Homeland Security, which reveal evidence that the government knew antifa was well organized, used advanced terror tactics, and was not just an unruly mob.

President Trump kept pursuing action against antifa, only to be blocked by the bureaucracy. 

“What you see again and again is the president asking…and the bureaucrats…essentially worked together with the cornucopia of corruption of these left wing cells, to allow these things to continue to evolve and eventually metastasize this republic,” Posobiec said. 

Posobiec also reveals the history of antifa, and how it goes back to communism and Chairman Mao, the red guards, and the CCP.

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