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Chief Warrant Officer Gold Star Husband and congressional candidate Joe Kent gave a touching tribute to his wife Shannon Kent, killed in combat by ISIS, on Memorial Day.

Shannon Kent used her immense intelligence and communications skill with special operations to hunt terrorists, and was deployed numerous times with special operations.

“Shannon Kent was killed fighting ISIS in 2019,” he told War Room Monday. “Shannon is a true American hero, she enlisted in the US Navy right after 9/11, she’s from an amazing family. Her father and her uncle were responders to Ground Zero, that inspired Shannon and her brother, still active duty in the Marine Corps, to say, ‘Send me.’”

Shannon Kent learned Arabic to give back to her country, went to Iraq and began working her way to serve in combat before women were officially on the front lines.

“She got pretty good with talking to Iraqis and getting information out of them,” he said. “She would go out and help hunt terrorists.”

Kent met Shannon briefly in 2007, and again in 2013 when they were part of a specialized unit. A year later they were married and started a family.

Shannon Kent would deploy numerous times, and in late 2018 she went back over to Syria with the special operations task force to help defeat the territorial caliphate. She was killed by a suicide bomber, along with “three other great Americans that day.”

Joe Kent is writing a book on Shannon’s life, to help his two sons, who were only 1 and 3 at the time, preserve her legacy.

“The kids are resilient,” he said. “We have Shannon’s picture up throughout the house, we talk about her everyday.”

Kent said his wife’s sacrifice helped motivate him to run for Congress. Kent is running in Washington’s third district.

“My wife was killed one month after President Trump tried to get our troops out of Syria the first time because we had actually met our military objective,” Kent said. 

“To see the deep state and establishment really turn on him to keep us at war, motivated me to start speaking out and getting into politics,” he said.

Then after seeing what happened with the authoritarian lock downs, and the fraud in the election, Kent said he had to do something so he can look his boys in the eye and say, “This is the country your mother gave her life for.”

Kent also lost many friends and mentors he lost while serving 11 tours in combat.

“As the years went on, unfortunately the losses kept coming,” he said.

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