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Don’t forget New Hampshire.

Dustin Cournoyer, of Granite Shore Power, joined War Room on Saturday for an update on the forensic audit in New Hampshire, as questions emerge about auditor Verified Voting.

“Inexplicable” totals lead many in New Hampshire to believe there was fraud to benefit Joe Biden. The grassroots group NH Voter Integrity is fighting for transparency and an honest audit of what went down Nov. 3.

“The House went Republican. The Senate went Republican. The executive committee went completely Republican,” he said. “You’re going to ask me to believe that [Matt] Mowers lost? That Jean Shaheen has these inexplicable totals.”

“Biden was in the photo finish for last place in the primaries up here,” Cournoyer said. “He left before lunchtime. He did not, I believe, get 50,000 votes above Trump.”

“That doesn’t happen up here,” he said. “We’re fired up. I can tell you it stinks to high heaven, it’s not acceptable.” 

However, one of the auditors selected, Verified Voting, is raising alarm bells.

Cournoyer said a former board member of Verified Voting said the company “has lost its way.”

“Verified voting is providing cover for bad actors, election officials and vendors, and inherently untrustworthy voting systems,” the former board member said.

A rally to demand transparency will be held at the Windham High School on London Bridge Road on Monday, May 3 at 6:30 P.M.

“We are asking people to peacefully assemble, to pray, to have their voices heard, to participate,” Cournoyer said.

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