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Vaccine Info War Steps Up

Stephen K. Bannon explains the latest phase in the information warfare pushing vaccine passports, and stigmatizing those who don’t get it.

“We’ve met the problem and they are evangelical Christians,” he said.

CNN pushes businesses mandated vaccine and friends shunning friends for no vaccine

New York Times: In rural America the shot divides communities, fear feeds resistance as vaccination effort hits key phase

Who Are the Rubes? 

Brian Kennedy,  chairman of the Committee on the Present Danger: China, reveals who the left really worries about: the self-sufficient.

“What the New York Times and the left really worry about are all the independent people around the country who don’t need woke capital,” he said. “When it comes to these vaccinations they rightfully worry with a lot of common sense that these things have not been tested. 

“The mere fact that Biden wears a mask constantly would lead people to think maybe these vaccines don’t work,” Kennedy said. “This isn’t political theater at this point, it’s self preservation.” 

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The Key to Voter Integrity

Brian Kennedy explains why the Maricopa County election audit should finally get to the bottom of what happened Nov. 3.

Plus, Kennedy says the key to election integrity is getting rid of George Soros’ secretaries of states.

“George Soros invested a lot of money in getting secretaries of state elected around the country,” he said. “The Democrats run for secretary of state because they want to control the voting system and they want to control the government. 

“One of the most important things we could possible do to have election integrity again, someone at the top to have honest elections,” Kennedy said. 

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