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CDMedia has written extensively about our investigation into Dekalb County, GA election fraud and specifically about the discovery of a receipt in trash receptacles outside Dekalb election facilities which showed an order for 25 million voter registration applications ordered prior to the Jan 6th U.S. Senate runoff in GA. The order dollar amount was $10 million.

After an initial ‘stall’ for 30 days due to Covid and the fact that they are ‘so busy’, we received a communication yesterday that indeed they have found something related to this one page financial record but need another ’30 days’ to think about it. Again, remember, they are very busy. We need to have empathy.

Please accept this email as a supplemental response to …………….’ previous communications wherein she 1) acknowledged receipt of your request to view records that are maintained by the County’s Voting, Registration and Elections (“VRE”); and 2) informed you that due to remote working conditions and increased workloads related to the recent elections, VRE needed more time to determine if records responsive to your request existed.

VRE has determined the records responsive to your request exist; however, we still need more time to get these prepared to send to you. We anticipate having these records to you no later than May 28, 2021.

Please REPLY ALL and indicate whether you are still interested in receiving responsive documents, should they exist.

Thank you for patience during this unprecedented yet very busy time.

This email is being sent on behalf of:


Assistant County Attorney

Kind regards,

DeKalb County Government | Law Department

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