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“The problem with reparations is it punishes those who are not responsible, and gives money to people who may not be damaged … it’s a theory of damage that has really no basis in the law.”

Judicial Watch is investigating a race-based, taxpayer funded reparations program instituted by the City of Evanston, Illinois which allocates $10 million to provide Black/African-American residents or their descendants with a $25,000 reparation payment. Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton has described the program, which excludes all other residents or direct descendants of residents, as having “self-evident” moral and legal issues. The program, as he continues, is part of a broader effort on the part of the Left to “destroy this country using the crucible … of racial division.” 

Describing it as an “extremist policy,” Fitton noted that as “a government program that provides taxpayer money to individuals based on race, [reparations], plainly violates the law.” 

 As Fitton further observed, “is one payment enough? How does that fix the legacy of racism if that’s what they’re truly concerned about? The equivalent of a stimulus check? How much money is it? And is it ever going to be enough money?” Regardless of the thinking behind reparations, Judicial Watch has filed a lawsuit and asked for records from the City of Evanston to find out more about what appears to be a “racially abusive” program. Read more about our lawsuit on the Evanston City Reparations Program here.

If you’re concerned about the unconstitutionality of race-based reparations programs such as the one instituted by the City of Evanston, read and support our work today. 

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