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by Sheila G, April 29, 2021

Rep Adrian Smith represents Nebraska’s third Congressional District – a deeply red rural district. He assumed office in January 2017. Rep Smith is a Nebraska native. He is an educated man who also worked in the private sector. Rep Smith has been a realtor as well as a marketing specialist for the housing industry. I like that he has private sector experience.

Nebraska’s 3rd congressional district is one of the most Republican districts in the nation; presidential and statewide candidates routinely win it with 70% or more of the vote. The 3rd is tough to campaign in and has few unifying influences. It covers nearly 65,000 square miles, two time zones, and 68.5 of Nebraska’s 93 counties.

I researched Rep Smith and thankfully found no scandals. If anything, he appears to be well respected and a family man. 

Overall, I like him very much. But, his voting record baffles me. His voting record, based upon his top 50 votes over the most current six-year period, shows that he gave 42% of his votes to the Democrats supporting their agenda. Consequently, this earned him a Grade “F” on the Conservative Review Liberty Scorecard. Here is his record:

Thie photo is not an entire representation of his votes. He has votes in 2018, 2017, and 2016 that not on par with our views.

Click here to review Rep Smith’s entire record

The most important behavior that elected officials must demonstrate to earn and keep voter support is to ensure their words and actions match. The most crucial action is to show by vote that an elected official’s vote is based upon the people’s will and not personal will. For many politicians, this is difficult. 

Rep Smith’s votes may represent his effort to demonstrate bipartisanship. However, that is not a strategy amenable to the Republican agenda. 

For us to be effective, our elected officials must stand and stick together. Yes, this means setting their personal views aside and supporting the views of the people who elect them. 

I sincerely hope Rep Smith will use the time between now and the 2022 election to crawl out of that “F” rating and make to at least the “C” rating. I want to support him, but I won’t be able to if he stays in the “F or D” categories.

It is incumbent upon our State GOP Chairs to bring this to the attention of their elected officials. It is my view that we have chairs in many states that are not fulfilling their obligation to us. I hold the National GOP, the RNSC, and the RNCC responsible for holding the state chairs accountable. Those that are not doing their job must be replaced. 

I am extraordinarily dissatisfied with the Republican party overall. I am no longer donating money to the National, State, or Local GOP. Why? It is because the recipients of my donation continue to support the RINOs over and over – the very people we need to take out of office. Continuing to re-elect the RINOs over and over again is going to produce the same sad results. When we see voting records with grades “D and F,” I defy anyone to explain how these individuals contribute to the balance of power. They are factually aiding and abetting our greatest foe – the Democrats. We all know the Democrats are no longer Democratic. They are now socialists and communists whose aim is to take down America and destroy our history, culture, and freedoms. 

We must recognize that we have members in the GOP who are elite globalists – Koch, Romney, Toomey, Murkowski are but a few, and there are as many state chairmen chairwomen who are in the club as well. They are in the job to represent themselves and increase their personal wealth. Their arrogance and self-inflated personal view of their elite status is their motivator. They look at us as insignificant little people. Some even view us as the trash of America. They do not see us as worthy of a seat at the table of governance. The GOPA does not deserve my money. 

Instead, I am donating directly to the campaign accounts of candidates that I support and worthy of the office. I am also donating to the PACs created by President Trump and Sidney Powell. It gives me complete control of who receives my money. 

I encourage you to do the same. 

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