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After calls for former Secretary of State and Biden administration official John Kerry’s resignation continue, Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) penned a letter on Tuesday to President Biden, demanding that he suspend Kerry’s security clearance. This comes after the reportedrevelation that Kerry knew about covert Israeli attacks in Syria.

The Arizona congressman called for the suspension until a full investigation can be completed. “I urge you to immediately suspend Special Envoy John Kerry’s security clearance and prevent him from participating in any classified briefings until the full nature of his interactions with the Islamic Republic of Iran are investigated,” Biggs wrote.

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“If Mr. Kerry provided sensitive information to Iran about Israel’s activities in Syria, he undermined a friend and bolstered an enemy,” Biggs wrote. “At best, such behavior would be despicable; at worst, it would verge on treason.”

Since the news broke, Biden has remained silent on the issue and Kerry denies the report. But Biggs demands action.

“For the sake of national security, I again urge you to act immediately in this matter,” he wrote.

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