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Just yesterday we were told that John Kerry ratted out Israel claiming they attacked Iranian targets in Syria 200 times. Kerry denies the leak because he would never divulge state secrets.

The Israelis must feel betrayed. They have felt that the Biden administration is not going to be friendly towards them. They have not felt like this since Biden was vice president. They object to Biden restoring the money to the Jihad schools, where children are taught to become Islamic extremists.

Now, we learn there is a recording of Kerry telling Syrian revolutionaries that Obama had decided against attacks against the Syrian regime.

That makes two breaches of confidential information.

It could be considered treason or at least a violation of the Espionage ACT, punishable by up to 5 years per violation. But, since he is a Democrat it’s not worth our time trying to get justice.

CNN, was the source here

CNN has since removed it from their website.

“The problem is the Russians don’t care about international law and we do. And we don’t have a basis, our lawyers tell us, unless we have a Security Council resolution,” he said.

“They were invited in, we were not,” he added, referring to Moscow’s military operations in Syria.

“We don’t behave like Russians. It’s just a different standard,” Kerry said.

“The only reason they are letting us fly is because we are going after ISIL,” Kerry said, using another term for ISIS. “If we were going after Assad, we would have to take out all the air defenses and we don’t have a legal justification for doing that.”

Kerry added, “So far, American legal theory does not buy into the so-called right to protect.”

“Nobody (is) more frustrated than me,” Kerry told the gathering.

Acknowledging that Russia’s military actions have “changed the equation” and made removing Assad more difficult, Kerry suggested that Syrian refugees could one day help eject Assad if given the right to vote.

Asked about the recording, State Department spokesman John Kirby told CNN, “While we will decline to comment on a private conversation, Secretary Kerry was grateful for the chance to meet with this group of Syrians, to hear their concerns firsthand and to express our continued focus on ending this civil war.”

The bottom line is that John Kerry wanted to bomb the hell out of Syria and Obama just said no. Then like a jilted suitor Kerry feels obligated to place blame on Obama and paint himself as the good guy.

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