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by Sheila G, April 22,  2021

Many times we focus on only the negatives of Congress. In my opinion, I believe it is also essential for us to recognize the folks in Congress who do fight for us.

The information I am about to share comes from one of my most trusted sources; the Conservative Review Liberty Scorecard. In my opinion, uh they do a stellar job of capturing how each Senator and House Member cast their votes and the specific bills for which they voted.

CR uses a straightforward method. The bills they use to tally a performance indicator are the top 50 bills each has voted on over a rolling six-year period. They then determine the total number of bills supporting the Republican agenda and the total number of bills supporting the Democratic agenda. 

Once this is determined, it easy to calculate what percentage of votes were cast in support of the Republican or Democrat agenda. CR then gives each Senator and each House member a grade. The grading scale is quite simple:”

The following list names the Senators and House members who are grades A-C.  

Not all of our new House members are named. The names of the new members that are shown are probably A’s. I have verified their votes, but CR has not yet done so. The new members who are not listed have either cast the fatal vote to impeach or have voted with Democrats on other bills in 2021. CR has not yet given them a grade as well. But we know who they are. 

If you don’t see your Senator or your House member, they have received a grade of D or F.

I am providing you with this information, hoping you will take the time to send them a thank you. 

These are our keepers!

AL-SEN Tuberville, Tommhy New

AL-01 Carl, Jerry Lee               New

AL-02 Moore, Barry                 New

AL-05 Mo Brooks                      B

AL-06 Palmer, Gary                  B

AR-Sen Cotton, Tom Sen         C

AZ-05 Biggs, Andy                    A

AZ-04 Gosar, Paul                     A

AZ-06 Schweikert,David          B

AZ-08 Lesko, Debbie                C

CA-04 McClintock,Tom          B

CA-08 Olbernolte,Jay            New

CA-21 Valdao, David              New

CA-25 Garcia, Mike                New

CA-48 Park-Steel, Michelle   New   


CO-04 Buck,Ken                    A

CO-05 Lamborn,Doug          C

CO-03 Boebert, Lauren        New

FL-Sen Scott, Rick Sen         C

FL-01 Gaetz,Matt                  C

FL-03 Cammack, Kat             New

FL-08. Posey,Bill                  C

FL-15 Franklin, Scott           New

FL-17 Steube,Gregory          A

FL-19 Donalds, Byron         New

GA-07 Bordeaux, Carolyn  New

GA-09 Clyde, Andrew         New

GA-10 Hice,Jody                  B

GA-11 Loudermilk,Barry     C

GA-14 Taylor-Greene, Marjorie           New

IA-01 Hinson, Ashley           New

IA-02 Miller-Meeks,Mariannette        New

IA-04 Feenstra, Randy        New

ID-Sen Risch, Jim Sen.         C 

ID-01 Fulcher,Russ                B

IL-15 Miller, Mary                  New

IN-Sen Braun, Mike Sen          B

IN-03 Banks,Jim                       C

IN-05 Spartz, Victoria              NEW  

IN-09 Hollingsworth,Trey       C

KS-Sen Marshall, Roger Sen    New

KS-01 Mann, Robert                  NEW

KS-02 LaTurner, Jake               NEW

KY-Sen Paul, Rand                     A

Ky-04 Massie,Thomas               A

LA-04 Johnson,Mike                 C

LA-05 Letlow,Julia                    New

MD-01 Harris,Andy                   B

MI-10 McClain,Lisa                   New

MO-Sen Hawley, Josh               C

MO-08 Smith,Jason                   C

MN-07 Fischbach, Michelle      New

MN-06 Emmer, Tom                  C

MS-01 Kelly,Trent                       C 

MT-Sen Daniels, Steve                 C

MT-AT Lrg. Rosendale, Matt     New

NE-Sen Sasse, Ben Sen                B

NM-02 Harrell, Yvette                New

NC-03 Murphy, Greg                   C

NC-09 Bishop, Dan                       A

NC-11 Cawthorn, Madison          New

NC-13 Bud,Ted                               A

ND-at Lrg Armstrong,Kelly         C

NY-02 Garabino,Andrew              New

NY-27 Jacobs, Chris                       New

NY-22 Tenney, Claudia                  New

OH-04 Jordan,Jim                            A

OH-08 Davidson,Warren                 A

OK-05 Bice, Stephanie                      New

OR-02 Bentz, Cliff                             New

PA-12 Keller, Fred                              B

PA-10 Perry,Scott                               B

PA-13 Joyce,John                               C

SC-01 Mace, Nancy                           New

SC-03 Duncan,Jeff                             A

SC-04 Timmons, William                 B

SC-05 Norman,Ralph                        B

TN-SEN Blackburn, Marsha            B

TN-Sen Hagarty, Bill                         New

TN-01 Harshbarger, Diana               New

TN-02 Burchett,Tim                          B

TN-04 DesJarlais,Scott                     B

TN-06 Rose,John                               C

TN-07 Green,Mark                             B

TX-Sen Cruz, Ted Sen                       B

TX-01 Gohmert,Louie                       A

TX-03 Taylor,Van                              B

Tx-04 Fallon, Pat                              New

TX-05 Gooden,Lance                      A

TX-11 Pfluger, August                      New

TX-13 Jackson, Ronny                     New

TX-14 Weber, Randy                        C

TX-21 Roy, Chip                                A

TX-22 Nehls, Troy                            New

TX-23 Gonzales, Tony                     New

TX-24 Van Duane, Beth                  New

TX-27 Cloud,Michael                        B

UT-Sen Lee, Mike                             A

UT-01 Moore, Blake                         New

UT-04 Owens, Burgess                    New

VA-05 Good, Bob                              New

VA-06 Cline,Ben                                B

VA-09 Griffith,Morgan                     C

WV-02 Mooney,Alex                        B

WI-01 Steil,Bryan                              C

WI-05 Fitzgerald, Scott                    New

WI-06 Grothman,Glenn                 C

WI-07 Tiffany, Thomas                   A

WY-Sen Lummis, Cynthia New

How do the keepers and losers compare?

This fact means we have 60% of our entire Republican body (Senators and House combined) voting with the Democrats! Only 40% of our Republican elected officials are voting the will of the people. For me, that is entirely unacceptable. Here are some of the reasons I believe it’s happening:

a) We have several members who are Democrats and ran as Republicans. You can form your own opinion as to who. I will give you a hint – there are at least four within the new members of our Congress. They are not listed in this article.

b) When you hear a Congressperson say, “

I am voting with my conscious,” please know that this is a fake statement. The real meaning is their vote will not represent the will of the people that elected them – they are voting their own personal view. 

c) We have many in Congress that talked a good game when it came to President Trump. As shown by their voting record, the reality of their actions is the polar opposite of what they spoke. They despised our President, and they despised us then and now. When an individual’s words do not match their actions, that means only one thing – they are liars. 

The above list represents our elected officials whose words and actions are congruent. Their behavior is predictable – we know they fought for President Trump and fought and continue to fight for us. Without a doubt, we can trust them.

d) We undoubtedly have GOP state chairs that know all of this. They are either lazy or lack the courage to censure the individual. The establishment remains the good ‘ole boys club. The “club” has always called the shots in the party without interference. They will defy us with every opportunity that presents itself.  

Those not on this list belong to the aristocracy that now blatantly determines how we vote, deeming for us what is good or bad. This aristocracy governs us by the perceived qualities of their leadership and their perceived position in the social structure

They claim to be one of us. But it has become quite clear this group sees themselves as exemplars of their profession and the most important on the hill.

e) Some of them went into Congress, either poor or middle class, and learned how to rape the taxpayer piggy banks to put golden dollars in their own pockets through the years. I believe Democrats successfully buy Republican congress’ votes. How? Lobbyists write the bills – yes, they are who author the bills. Then the lobbyist shops the bill to find sponsors. In return, the lobbyist will reward the sponsors with campaign donations, vacations, and perhaps cash. Lobbyists will approach those in opposition to the bill with rewards for their vote. Bills are not written with the best interest of the American people in mind. They are written for the best interest of the organization or company that is paying the lobbyist. Do you remember when Mitch made a public statement saying he was working with the Democrats to find tradeoffs for the covid package? Maybe Mitch would like to tell us precisely what he got in return for the tradeoffs? 

The Ukrainian foreign aid package debacle taught us another important lesson. So have the Covid relief bills. These pork packages provide lucrative kickbacks to our Congress. And, the money they receive in the form of a kickback is our money!

In summary, many in our Congress are there to get rich off the backs of the American taxpayer. Many are globalists. They are part of the elites. They are part and parcel of the global reset. They are partaking in the takedown of America.

What can we do? I can tell you what I am doing. I no longer donate money to the national, state, or local Republican Party. I will no longer contribute to the campaigns of those members of Congress who are not on this list. Why would I? The GOP gives the money they receive to the very people that we must replace. Instead, I will donate directly to the campaign accounts of those listed above and the accounts of new candidates I support. I will contribute to President Trump’s PAC and Sidney Powell’s PAC. I review from where the candidate’s donation money comes. Donation money coming from Koch, a Republican who is mad that we took his power away or from any of the big corporations that treat us like trash, do not get my vote or my money. I use the FEC website extensively just for this purpose. 

The Republican Party has failed us. I honestly thought it would be the Democratic Party that would die in 2022. Instead, it may well be the Republican Party. The national leaders of the party did nothing to organize us. They failed miserably in staffing the polls and vote counting locations. The national leaders did nothing to reign in the Congress members not listed above. The national leaders did nothing to take down the website called Republicans for the Rule of Law created by the Republican Senators, Representatives, and Governors against Trump. This is the same group that made insidious videos disparaging our President and posted them on YouTube. 

Many state GOP chairs are either incompetent, a coward, or lazy and/or all 3. I applaud Wyoming for censuring Cheny and the few other states that have. Think about this. The GOP identified quite a few districts that we could have picked up for the house in 2020, but we had no candidates. The Democrats won those seats unopposed. You can’t convince me that we do not have competent Republicans in those districts who were qualified to step up. That is a tragic blunder that falls squarely on the shoulders of the National and State GOP chairs. 

Those that are not on this list fail to see without us, the Republican Party will never win another Presidency or never control either chamber. The elected elites know we don’t want them. They have yet to see that it is the voting public holding power. I defy anyone to show me how those with Grades D and F contribute to the balance of power in Congress. They contribute nothing. They are aiding and abetting our greatest foe in the takedown of America. Their votes clearly and undeniably show that. We can’t keep voting them in and expect a different result. That is insane. I absolutely will vote for a Democrat for no other reason than take these D and F bastards out. We cannot keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results.  

If the GOP does not provide a candidate to primary against these people and provide the new candidate the same monetary support they provide to the D and the F – the democrat gets my vote in the general if the new candidate does not win the primary. I believe the D’s and the F’s should resign at the end of their term. We don’t lose anything, but we gain getting them out and can remedy it with the next election. 

It is unlawful for us to lie to Congress under oath, and it really should be illegal for our Congressional members to lie to the public.  

As far as a Presidential candidate – President Trump has set a new standard for all future Presidents. China Joe doesn’t meet the qualifications. I don’t need to say if President Trump runs, he gets my vote. If he doesn’t run, I want a president who guts the DOJ and the FBI to the bones and starts rebuilding our law enforcement from the ground up within the first 30 days. I want a President who is willing to take on the bureaucrats and take down those in on the takedown of America. I want someone ready to kick ass, take names, and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law when necessary. I want a President who will declassify all relevant documents that will educate the American people about what is lurking in the background for America. I want a President just like President Trump, who cares about the American people and putting our country first. 

Thank you for reading this.  You can find me on Gab, Parler, and Telegram @TheSheilaG2020.  You can email me at [email protected]

Conservative Choice Campaign welcomes all of our new members.  Sidney Powell has requested we support her efforts in fighting for us.  Please do so and read her updates by going to her website Click here

We also are keeping our efforts up on our website and urge all of our members to submit articles.  We also intend to start a movement of boycotting companies supporting the radical agenda.  Please follow Ann Vandersteel at Steel Truth   Click hereClick here  

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