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If you haven’t noticed, the American populists are winning the war for public opinion. Former CEO Patrick Byrne declared he commissioned a poll recently that showed around 64% of the American citizenry believes fraud was instrumental in the official outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

The audits in Maricopa County, AZ, and Fulton County, GA are proceeding. Audits are also being planned in New Hampshire and other states. Judges have recently ordered new elections due to election fraud.

Mike Lindell is releasing evidence daily in the press through his new social media platform detailing the massive cyber attacks from foreign nations that took place last November.

In short, the gig is up regarding Democrat collusion with the Chinese Communist Party to illegally sway the election in their favor. These criminals are moving fast to enact their agenda as they fully realize any legitimacy they had is slipping through their fingers.

There is reason for optimism in saving our Constitutional republic for our children and grandchildren.

What stands in the way of this reality is the Chinese Communist Party, which has completely infiltrated our government and national institutions.

Before the coup in 2020 against the duly-elected President of the United States Donald Trump, China was losing the trade war. Tariffs were destabilizing the communist nation economically. Beijing could not let this stand — hence they pulled the trigger on the coup, which had obviously been planned for some time.

China’s economy is a house of cards. Their debt is enormous. It is a top-down managed economy, which never can work long-term. It must constantly be fed by a devalued currency, IP theft, forced technology transfer and the like.

In short, the CCP cannot let an America First populist leader back in The White House.

China will go kinetic before that happens. What would that look like? Possibly an EMP attack to take down our election grid which would kill millions, starting a war in Taiwan, or our favorite — another biological weapons attack…think CCP virus on steroids.

America needs to be prepared for this eventuality. We have seen how far they are willing to go to obtain power.

The good news is their mask is off. We know their agenda for world domination. We know the American’s who are in bed with them.

The bad news is the Biden* administration will enable whatever China’s wishes are.

It’s time we face the grim reality and find the way forward to victory in this great battle between good and evil.

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