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Billionaire entrepreneur Mike Lindell has publicly made no bones about taking on the globalist Deep State with his new social media platfor – The social network is billed to be a combination of a Twitter and Youtube experience, allowing free speech and influencers to broadcast and earn money without fear of retribution.

This is obviously a threat to the globalist takeover of the West, and the world for that matter, so the platform was sure to be massively attacked.

This seems to have happened as the platform is down at the 9am launch time this morning.

With this much attention to the launch, one wonders if state-level Deep State assets are behind the attack, as during the massive election fraud during the 2020 general election.

CDMedia will report on Frank’s progress in the near term as it will revolutionize social media and ‘de-platform’ the power of Silicon Valley, if allowed to exist.

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