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Something that may have flown under the radar for many of you was some of the Podesta emails that were released. One email chain was allegedly between John Podesta and Kamran S. Bajwa, a partner in the law firm of Kirkland & Ellis LLP. Kirkland & Ellis were advisors to the team that took over Dominion Voting in 2018. Dominion was taken over by their management team and Staple Street Capital, a New York-based private equity firm.

But in 2016, before the election, Bajwa wrote to Podesta and told him that he was willing to do anything within his power to help Hillary defeat Donald Trump. Of course, by the time he became involved with Dominion, it was too late for the 2016 election.

He would not, however be too late for the  2020 election.

From The Gateway Pundit

On Saturday, December 19, 2015, Bajwa wrote to Podesta that “it was a pleasure to meet this past Th in NY. As discussed, I want to do whatever I can by way of sharing ideas, raising funds, recruiting campaign volunteers, and anything else that can help with your campaign. I hope my small efforts to introduce you to a growing group of professionals like myself will be able to boost your important work for Secretary Clinton’s campaign.”

“I come to NY frequently and would welcome the opportunity to sit with you and discuss the best way to coordinate our efforts. If you will be in NY Jan 5, I will be free that day to meet you at any time and place convenient for you.”

Bajwa wrote on December 21:

“John, just a quick note to say I was catching up with my senior partner Bill Singer back in the office and letting him know of my intentions to help your campaign as much as I can. He was very effusive in his praise of you and asked me to send along his regards. I will look forward to being touch after the break.” 

Dominion has become the center of the election fraud scandal as anomalies and apparent evidence of fraud just-so-happen to have been heaviest in states using their machines.

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