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Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai provides a systems analysis of the effects of Garlic on boosting immunity.

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, scientist, engineer, educator – gives an overview on a CytoSolve computational analysis on how Garlic affects your Immune System.
  • CytoSolve technology is designed to take a Systems Approach and distilled nearly 14,790 research articles, 246 clinical trials, spanning 233 years.
  • The use of Garlic dates back to 2700 B.C., nearly 4700 years ago and it’s medicinal effects are attributed to its organosulfur compounds.
  • Biological effects of Garlic are multifold, it has antioxidant effects, hypolipidemic, immunomodulatory activities, antidiabetic, antimicrobial, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, antimutagenic, and anticarcinogenic.
  • Garlic is a multi-systems herb that has a modulatory effect by stopping inflammatory cytokines.

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Good evening everyone, this is Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai. We are gonna be talking about a very interesting herb today. Garlic. If you don’t know what Garlic is, this is what it looks like. Garlic is a very powerful nutrient we’re gonna study today. It is really bad Garlic and immune health. So we’re gonna be talking about today. Someone says, “Garlic is not good.”  Well, look, let’s, that’s an interesting way to start this, let’s start about what is good and not good. The real issue is the right medicine for the right person at the right time. Nature is neither good nor bad. Remember, we’re just one part of nature. There are many, many things in nature beyond us. We can’t take a human centric role to this. This is where Garlic comes in. It’s a bulb. We actually grew this here last year. And when you open up Garlic, if you open it up, the inside of it, like open it up here, you can see contains the individual pods here. So here’s what it looks like. If you haven’t seen it, that’s Garlic which I just opened up. The best way when you prepare Garlic is when you crush it, it releases a lot of the nutrients. I typically do it in a mortar and pestle or you can actually slice it in very small pieces, but there’s your Garlic. I’ve taken out one pod of this. By the way, one of the things I noticed is that whenever I feel any time I feel a cold coming on this is works for me, is anytime I feel a little bit of cold coming on and I take a regimen of vitamins but if I feel anything coming on I will take literally a whole bulb of this or sometimes even two but this is pretty it’s not a huge size. I will chop it up put a little bit of ghee and low heat and I’ll fry this very lightly saute it is probably by the we’re not fry and then take something you like if you like you know a very thin piece of like sprouted bread, you toast it, put it on with the ghee and you eat it as much as you can. And I’ve always found it to be a very powerful antibiotic. But you have to do it right when you feel something coming on because you know there’s a window when your innate system is kicking in and then your interferon system kicks in and you can really empower your interferon system for that.

Truth Freedom Health®

Alright, so let’s just jump right in. Welcome to VA SHIVA, as many of you know, VA SHIVA is literally a platform that we’re developing. It’s not just an educational site. It’s not just a community. It’s not just information, but it’s a platform that we’re developing for Truth Freedom Health and I’ll come back to talk about it more. But the intention, and by the way, we’re putting together a little video that really explains this, because VA SHIVA itself is a system, it’s not only any one thing, and a video will probably, we’re finishing it up right now may be able to play it before the end of today’s lecture on Garlic. But if you go to the website, if you go to, and I want to encourage everyone to go there, and we just bring it up here. If you go to the website,, let me actually bring this up right now. And I always play my little video here, which is a good one that really explains it. But to walk you through the site, if you go to the main page, you’ll see that my journey, and I’ll come back to that I’ve done a number of things. But this is actually a platform. And we’re integrating both health, as well as politics. It’s quite interesting health and politics on the site. But it’s all united from the standpoint of systems. So what you’ll learn is that whether you’re looking at your body as a system, or you’re looking at the events going on in the outside world healthcare system, what do you do with the issue of Pro/Anti gun or GMOs or any of these issues, you’ll find out that you can look at the larger world from a standpoint of a system, but you can also understand your inner world. And our goal is to educate around 50,000 Truth Freedom Health Warriors. Because in the ancient system of Indian medicine, the term that referred to healer wasn’t separated, a healer was a warrior and a healer was also someone who took care of the body, right, who healed the body. So healer and warrior actually the same term Vidyar, which meant the person who goes to fight death, the first person who goes to fight ignorance, but essentially the person who goes to heal, whether you have quote unquote, cancer in the political world of the outside world, or whether you have quote, unquote, cancer going on within your body. So for some reason, we’ve separated that the person who goes to battle in the outer world is different than the person who goes to battle in the inner world, these are the same people. That’s why the videos that I do, I will talk about politics one day about election systems, or about why Trump is part of the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment, but I’ll also switch very easily into talking about the body is a system. And so I want all of you to take a Systems Approach to understanding the body. And we’re creating the only movement in the world right now as we know it for Truth Freedom Health, which is founded on an engineering Systems Approach to understanding the body. So I’m going to play a video for you that will really best share this in the most profound way. And if you go to right on the front page, you’ll see we have a whole range of things, all the different kinds of blogs we do every day, thanks to our volunteers, and our production team will help out. So I hope you enjoy this video. So this will really kick off. And we’ll come back to Garlic, here we go.

That video, as many of you know, who joined us is the beginning video, which really sets the tone for what we are about, we’re creating a movement for Truth Freedom Health. But it’s based on education, which we’ll talk about more, which is what you’re getting today. But in about 20 minutes, I teach my Foundations of Systems class, every Monday night I do, it’s a three hour class, we have people from all over the world. And it’s the basic class that people learn to understand the Foundations of System science, it took me many, many years to put that together. But in three hours, I can educate people on System Science, which interconnects everything. So I encourage you all to take advantage of it. Because it’s going to profoundly change your life, that’s going to raise your state of consciousness. And in many ways, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically. So you start seeing the interconnections of many things, it’s beyond just New Age stuff, or just engineering stuff, it’s a much more fundamental way. So I hope you all take advantage of that. It’s really my gift to all of you. And by the way, the platform that we were building here, and we continue to build every day is brought to you by you. And I want to thank all of you for your support and contributions. And as you know, when you support this movement, we support you by giving you more and more different levels of education, based on your commitment to how much you want to get educated.

What You Will Learn About Garlic

Today, I’m going to be going through somewhat quickly, so pay attention because I got to get to my class. Okay, so we’re gonna talk about Garlic and Immune Health. So we’re gonna learn what is Garlic, we’re gonna talk about the molecular composition of Garlic, the effects of Garlic on biological functions, its health benefits, and then we’re going to jump right in and We’re gonna talk about what the evidence says, the evidence based science says, about dosage. And by the way, we will also look at this from an Eastern standpoint, it’s a nature’s antibiotic. Right before many of you guys joined, I actually broke off a clove, this is what a Garlic piece looks like, and it’s contained in the garlic bulb, we actually grew these in our backyard last year and we have them drying out in our garage in a cool place. But this is Garlic. And this is typically when you take off the skin, this is what you get. And it’s got various layers to it, right. But it’s a very, very powerful medicinal nutrient. And that’s what we’re gonna learn about today. When we look at Garlic, one of the things we’ll learn about it is that it’s been widely cultivated and used for culinary medicinal purposes. And the use of it dates back 2700 B.C. says nearly 4700 years ago, in China, Sumeria, India and Egyptian cultures, and the medicinal effects of Garlic are attributed to its organic sulfur compounds. So sulfur is one of the critical elements here. So it’s because of the sulfur where people believe, or the idea is, as we go to the chemistry, you’ll see this. So you can look at the number of articles, it’s, I think, out of all the articles we’ve talked about, 14,790 it’s the most, the longest 233 years. So that means if you go back to 1820, take off 1800s, which, and then you go back, that will bring you back to 220 years. And you go back to like, 1787? Okay, so it’s been studied for a long time. 246 clinical trials, extremely well researched.


So, if you look at all that data, how do we bring it together. And as many of you know, I was talking about CytoSolve, the technology that I created, which is part of one of our enterprises, CytoSolve, which is really a way that we can understand at the molecular level, how combinations of medicines work, we can actually understand how food is medicine. And what we can do with all this data is we take all that data, we extract out the relevant pieces related immune health, which CytoSolve, then we figure out the molecular mechanisms, and then we can make the presentation to you and CytoSolve came out of a long development effort, recognizing that that the entire pharmaceutical industry’s development effort was really medieval. They take a single compound, that’s all they can handle, takes them around 13 years to discover something that works, they got to kill animals, they got to do test tube testing, then they test on humans. And by the way, what’s happening is a Big Pharma spending money every year to increase R&D spending, and less and less of their new molecules are even being approved by the FDA. And this is important to understand, the FDA is not even approving Big Pharma as medicine because of the incredible side effects. And the other thing is, the stuff coming out of Big Pharma only helps 10% of the people that that indication was done for this way, pharmaceutical companies need to move to vaccines. Vaccines don’t have the amount of testing, they’re considered a biologic. And you can’t sue a vaccine manufacturer, but you can sue a pharmaceutical company, thanks to the Kennedys, that’s what they brought us. But at the end of the day, you can see pharmaceutical companies are in a major turmoil, because their pharmaceutical drugs, from a business standpoint, are not working. And the reason we’ve gotten here is because the entire basis of biological research is like the blind men looking at the elephant and the elephant happens to be cancer, Alzheimer’s, biologists get incentivized to just understand the parts in a blind way. And if there ever were to work together, you get something like this, which looks nothing like the elephant. This is a problem with modern research. It’s called reductionism, the opposite of Systems Thinking. Now, in 2003, the entire world of biology had a major major revolution take place, because biologists up until 2003. And biologists frankly, are not systems guys,  they’re sort of nerds that are just looking at their microscope, and they’re looking at one little piece and you get a Nobel Prize for that. They’re not incentivized to have a broad vision. Well, one of their narrow visions was thinking that just because you had a lot of genes, which meant you were more complex, they knew in 1993, that a worm had around 20,000 genes. So they assumed Oh, well, the human being must have about 100,000 to a million genes. Well, what you see in this graph is, by the time the Genome Project ended, we only have about 20,000 genes. So it’s quite incredible to find out that we have the same number of genes as a worm, but this goes back to the heart of a lack of a Systems Approach. So a Systems Approach says in order to understand the whole human being, we got to understand genes and proteins and interconnect them all. And so in 2003, when I headed back to MIT, the idea was could we mathematically model The whole human cell. And imagine the cell not just genes, but all the chemical pathways. And here’s one little pathway, when 2003, these were starting to become mathematical models. And the idea was, could you integrate systems of systems and models, and that’s what CytoSolve was. So CytoSolve provided a very powerful way, just like we build airplanes, not to go do test flights right away, which means kill humans, we do it all on the computer. So, CytoSolve has provided this very powerful way. That was the invention I did, which enabled us to understand long before we got wet and killed animals using the computer, the complex molecular interactions. For the last 16-20 years, we’ve been helping very interesting, innovative companies want to understand the mixtures of food and the functional food world, or supplements, how to actually figure it out, right? The problem is, many of these supplement companies if you go to stores to buy them, this is our level of science, I have one guy who read some papers, and they put stuff together that’s like 99%, with CytoSolve we can actually understand combinations of things at the molecular level, and really understand how things work. So for example, we’ve created a whole infrastructure for doing this. And any of you want to learn more, go to, but just like my Grandmother was a village healer used to combine stuff together with CytoSolve, instead of it being sort of a hand waving, ideal, I throw a little bit of this, and I throw a little bit of this. That’s what my mom would say, when she was also making food. With CytoSolve, we can get more precise, we can actually understand combinations of ingredients.

Synergy – A Systems Principle

So let’s say we’re looking at curcumin, which is the active ingredient in turmeric, we can model all the molecular pathways, then we can look at red grapes, resveratrol, and then we can literally figure out how we bring them together. And here, what you’re seeing is, we can

literally run mathematical experiments on this first experiment, I’m not giving any curcumin, any resveratrol and I’m simulating inflammation. So these are all the pathways of inflammation, which I can model mathematically without killing animals. Then I can tell you, I’m gonna have high inflammation, which is this number on the right column, .15 and that’s called the control, then I just give a little bit of curcumin, notice the inflammation drops from .15 to .05, then I give a little bit of resveratrol, no curcumin, and that drops. But look what happens. This is called the Principle of Synergy, you give a little bit of a number of things, curcumin, resveratrol, and the inflammation drops by another factor of two. From .06 to .03 This is called the Synergy Principle. So, this is what systems theory teaches us systems theory teaches us that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. So as you can see here, when we look at this, in this Systems Approach, which I encourage all of you to study and learn. It’s one of the Foundations of a Systems Principle.

mV25 – Momentum to Move

We have recently created a product called mV25. Where we analyze tons and tons of research done out there over the last 40 years, we integrated all the molecular pathways of pain and inflammation. And we went through trillions of combinations of bio molecular reactions to find a set of a combination of ingredients that have a profound effect done bottoms up mathematically versus hand waving. You guys can go search it in the interest of time, it’s called mV25. Momentum to Move. It’s really to support pain and discomfort, and it’s CytoSolve optimized and this is one of our first In fact, this is our first product. We’ve helped many companies for 16 years, but we’re now doing our own. And what you can see right here is, as the back of the label says that CytoSolve is using a computational Systems Biology approach CytoSolve, which allows us to gather information, we’re looking at four decades of research done in pain and inflammation across 68 research institutions. And what we did the bright, it says right here, we computed trillions of potential combinations of biomolecular interactions to find a synergy of compounds that down regulate the biomarkers of discomfort and normal swelling, and CytoSolve. Optimize, what this means is we recognize that the science is constantly going to change. We’re not like cult members, oh my God, you gotta just keep using those ingredients. As the science changes, our promises will actually alter the models and we’ll find different ingredients. So Cytosolve is like an operating system. So I encourage all of you to go check it out. It’s out you can start pre-ordering it and it’s Clean Certified, it’s made in the United States. And if you go to the website, you can click on the shop and you can go find it right there. So and by the way, we put all of the proceeds from this into more research into building our platform.

Journey to Systems

Now, that same Synergistic Approach that I just talked about, is what we can take to understand the synergy of Truth Freedom Health, because the nerds are over here fighting for truth, right. And then you have the people over here, on the other hand fighting for freedom, right, the people who support the Second Amendment, the First Amendment, then you have people fighting for health, their own to the earthy, crunchy granola types. Our view is to bring them all together. This is synergy. And we have to go beyond left and right. Now what I’m going to do is those of you who’ve seen my videos before, you know that my coming to a Systems Approach occurred over many years of trying to integrate Eastern Western medicine. And that’s what I’ve done. And you can go learn more about that at I normally would walk you through all of it. But I encourage all of you to go, just research a little bit on And you’ll find out that this journey, for me, has been a lifelong journey. It’s been about growing up in India, in a village growing up in India, in a city, watching my Grandmother, who could observe your face, and use an ancient system of Indian science, called Samudrika Lakshana and figure out what’s going on in your body that led me to a love of medicine, I started working in a medical school, when I was 14 years old as a research fellow. That’s where I created another system called Email, before I came to MIT, and my journey to MIT was across various different engineering disciplines. And and then in 2007, after I finished my PhD, I went back to India, and I made a profound discovery, realizing that the Indian systems of medicine were not a system of medicine. In fact, they were actually a system of engineering science. And I integrated them together for you to build a System Science. So you could understand the same knowledge framework, Foundations of Systems, you could apply to your body, you can apply to your body as a system, you could also apply to any system in the world as a system. So if you, when you take the course, you’ll understand whether it’s the Indian system of medicine, or the engineering system. I wrote a famous paper on this, which is the Engineering Systems journal. You can actually use a tool that I created to ask yourself a set of questions. And you can understand how your body is a system, how your body can go off course, and how foods and supplements can bring you back together. We can also understand System Health, which is a Master Certification course, for those of you really to help but the Foundations of Systems course, is the core of the Truth Freedom Health Movement, the Warrior Movement. The System’s Approach is what we take to understand anything in our lecture.


So what is Garlic? Garlic has 105 different compounds, 105 different compounds. It’s got a lot of non-volatile compounds, minerals, vitamin, saponins, phenolic compounds, the volatile compounds, which means the ones that have the potent power or the organosulfur compounds, and you can see the range of compounds we have, not only minerals; Manganese, Zinc, Selenium and Germanium, but we also have a lot of flavonoids; Rutin, Quercetin, Naringin, Saponins, Eruboside-B, B-chlorogenin, but we have the vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B3 and B6 very, very filled with nutrients. Now, their Organosulfur compounds are the volatile compounds and there’s 33 organosulfur compounds and they constitute 2-3% of fresh Garlic. So here are the organosulfur compounds. There’s two sets of them, the L-cysteine sulfoxides and the y-glutamyl-L-cysteine peptides. This is called alliin, right. And this is what they look like s allyl cysteine sulfoxide. And alliin is a major organosulfur compound in Garlic. Now chopping it, listen very carefully, chopping it, crushing it or chewing is when the alliin converts to allicin. So it is when you chop, crush or chew it. That’s when the conversion takes place to allicin Now, most of the medicinal benefits are derived from allicin, and its metabolites such as S-allylmercaptoglutathione (SAMG). Notice glutathione or antioxidants, S-allylmercaptocysteine (SAMC) and S- ally-L-cysteine (SAC). So these are the ones that provide tremendous medical benefits. So those are the components.

Biologic Effects of Garlic

Now the biological effects of Garlic are multifold. So what you’ll see here is Garlic has many, many different effects. It’s got antioxidant effects. It’s got Hypolipidemic, which means it can break down fat. It’s got Immunomodulatory activities, which we’re going to focus on. It’s got an antidiabetic effect, antimicrobial, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiparasitic. It’s also got antimutagenic and anticarcinogenic activity, antihypertensive, lowers blood pressure and antithrombotic activity very good for your cardiovascular system. Very, a range of different biological effects.

Health Benefits of Garlic

So what are the health benefits? Well, it’s a blood clot activator, it boosts metabolism and assists detoxification, cures athlete’s foot. If you ever I mean, it’s very quickly, if you ever have fungal infection athletes, folks, you can take a little bit and it’s what I would do if I were you,  apple cider vinegar, you crush one of these bulbs of Garlic, right? Mix it with the apple cider vinegar and put it on the spot and you’re gonna see immediate effect and you want to, you know, it’s very powerful effect, athlete’s foot, anti inflammatory properties, effective painkiller. Dementia averter, cures respiratory problems, rejuvenate skin, relieves stress and fatigue, and blood clot activator. So one of the things you need to be concerned about, look, food is medicine. So the problem is, many people don’t understand this aspect, they just look at the world is black or white. So you have to be careful with Garlic. The dosage matters when we get to that, obviously, you don’t want to eat this kind of Garlic raw, you’re gonna burn your stomach out, gotta be careful. That’s why typically people are careful and how they mix it with other things. Think about Italians, what they do is they make garlic bread, they put in some raw clarified butter, and then they fry it, so you make sure your body can absorb it, right. So there are people who say, oh, Garlic is good, Garlic is bad, right? We have to take a Systems Approach to any of these things, right? These are medicines and you have to be attentive and respect them as medicines.

Immune System

There you go. So a lot of different effects. Now, as many of you know, and you can see the previous videos, I like to pound away to everyone the importance of the immune system, what his immune system, this is the old model of the immune system. This is the updated model of the immune system in a lecture that I delivered at the National Science Foundation, in November of 2019. You see, this model of the immune system just says you got a pathogen, you only have the innate immune system, which tries to eat away the pathogen, and then it calls upon the adaptive immune system, which generates antibodies, this old model of the immune system is just about antibodies, antibodies, antibodies, this is the origin of vaccines, which says we’re going to shoot it, you know, inoculate you, and you’re going to get antibodies. However, the much bigger reality of the immune system is this, the immune system is not just the innate or the adaptive. This is a reductionist view, which basically says all you want to do is generate antibodies, but what you find is the immune system has the interferon system, which is a missing link, the interferons are very powerful molecules, your body generates your body is a pharmaceutical factory. That’s what it is. So when your body generates interferons, independent of the antibody system, it goes and, for example, activates natural killer cells, which go gobble up the infected cells. So this is why it’s important because if you’re ever feeling sick, it’s important to act fast and quickly, because you don’t want the viruses of the pathogens to replicate. So you want to support your immune system, you want to support all of these systems, your gut microbiome, you want to support reducing inflammatory processes. So the bigger view of the immune system is this. And by the way, to look at this slide here, there’s a two part immune response. If you just look at the two box model, here’s a virus which comes in so let’s say over here is your lung on this side here is your bloodstream. Here are the epithelial tissues that line your lungs. So when you get this whatever the flu or the Coronavirus it is, the macrophages, which are these little monsters which you have tried to eat up the virus, right. And as they’re chomping on it, they release little particles of the virus, which then calls to this is the innate immune system, which then calls upon your T-cells to create, to have the B-cells create these antibodies, and the antibodies go stop the virus, but it’s a two step process. But what you notice is that your body also has the interferon system, which is rarely talked about. The interferon system is extremely powerful, because what the interferon system does is, first of all, it’s an interference present in every cell in your body. So when your body’s under attack, during the first 8 hours to 72 hours, your body has the opportunity to really unleash interferons long before the antibody system. And those interferons if you have a strong immune system will go and actually have a whole range of ways that they upregulate nearly 1000 genes, and they activate your natural killer cells in their cytotoxic T-cells. The point I’m making is the immune system is not just antibodies, that’s a little part of it. The more important part of it is this whole orchestra of many other molecules and subsystems and my advice to you guys is to recognize the immune system beyond just antibodies.

Effect of Garlic on the Immune System

So, there we go. Now, when we look at the effects of Garlic on the immune system, what do you find? Well, first of all, garlic has antioxidative properties, it has anti-inflammatory properties in the organic sulfur compounds modulate the immune cells and the cytokines from the innate as well as the adaptive through these and the organosulfur compounds also helped mitigate allergy and the organosulfur compounds mitigate several diseases cardiovascular obesity, gastric ulceration and cancer through that system. So, if you look at the bottom here, these are the activities that organic sulfur compounds in garlic help anti microbial, anti bacteria antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. And we can see here is that the organosulfur compounds which look like this, look what they do, they do three very powerful things, they promote natural killer cells, the natural killer cells are powerful cells in your body that literally go gobble up infected cells that go attack viruses, NK cells, interferon systems drive the activation of that also, then you have right here you have your gamma delta T-cells. These are your T-cells, which support the proliferation of your innate immune cells to okay and you have macrophages. So, all these three, your interferon system, your innate and your adaptive system. Now, the proliferation of these innate immune cells, leads to following activities of Garlic. So, because of these organosulfur compounds because it activates these multiple cells in your system, you get antimicrobial effects, you get antibacterial effects, you can antiviral, antifungal, this is why Garlic is so powerful again, I can’t emphasize to you, this is a medicine. Should you be eating garlic every day? Well, some cultures do but they have various ways of preparing it, but especially when you feel sickness coming on, it’s an amazing medicine to knock it out. And you can see why, because of the multi pronged effect. Garlic has, it’s a multi systems compound. Now, from the adaptive immune system look what Garlic does: Garlic innervates the Th2 cells now garlic compounds such as ajoene, promotes activation of anti inflammatory cytokine IL-10. IL-10 is needed for the proliferation of anti-inflammatory Th2 cells and the Th2 cells stimulate B-cells to produce IgA and IgA  is an antibody that plays a crucial role in the immune function of mucous membranes, very good for colds and as you feel your mucous membranes being affected and you got to follow your gut instincts and listen to your body. But you can see the organosulfur compounds really support your immune system to not only what we talked about the NK cells, which are in the innate immune system, but they also support your adaptive immune system to call upon your B-cells to make those antibodies. Alright, so they really activate your system, to wake up the other thing they modulate inflammation look when you get sick. Before you get sick you want to make sure your innate immune system is strong, your interferon system’s been called on, your adaptive system’s been called on. But you don’t want when your body’s weak. Remember, it’s not the virus or the bacteria that kills you. It’s your body’s overreaction because each of the viruses and bacteria go land in different tissues as I’ve spoken about. The Coronavirus typically likes to go to your epithelial. Now if your immune system is normal, you’ll feel it. You’ll get a little sniffle, your body fights it and you’re done. But if your immune system is weak, it will overreact. And that overreaction creates inflammation and a cytokine storm and your body is attacking itself. That’s where you get harmed. So the other important part of Garlic is this. Garlic also has a modulatory effect. It’s like I keep saying, it’s like putting shock absorbers. If you didn’t have shock absorbers on your car and you hit a pothole, boom, your head goes up through the roof, your car gets damaged. But when you have shock absorbers, you can go through a pothole or a crisis and your and your body knows how to manage it in a beautiful way. Same thing with Garlic, Garlic provides you the shock absorbers. So you can see the way it does that, is Garlic does a two pronged approach. Here’s a cytokine storm. So Garlic basically stops the upregulation inhibiting NF-kB, which will lead to these five inflammatory cytokines of Garlic that it stops IL-6, TNF-a, IL-12 MCP-1 and IL-1b. So this modulates the cytokine storm, but look what Garlic also does. It inhibits its enzymes such as ERK 1/2 that are involved in inflammatory signaling. There’s many different molecules that cause but the organosulfur compounds in Garlic typically go hit the ERK 1/2, so two pronged effect, it modulates the cytokine storm so this doesn’t go out and become haywire but it also knocks down ERK which causes inflammation. And then allergies. Allergy season, at least in the East Coast is coming. For those of you in different parts of the world. Seasons may be different, but allergy season. And by the way, allergies come when you there’s a whole theory when you didn’t expose yourself to allergens when you were young, but anyway, allergy season is coming in the northeast and look at Garlic one of the important things it does is Garlic also modulates that and the way does the Garlic mitigates the allergic response by reducing the production of histamines. So, when your body’s under allergic attack your body produces these histamines in the basophils in other cells and this histamines what starts sneezing and wheezing etc. Now histamines can also be released in an antigen specific way meaning particular shellfish or particular pollen or nuts. My dear Mom, I mean if she even ate a little bit of shellfish or was even exposed to it, she would have a massive allergic reaction, because it was the upregulation of those histamines. So that’s something we need to think about another way, Garlic effects. And by the way, here are all the different diseases modulated that are affected by the immune system.

So you take care of the immune system. So think about your immune system as the operating system of your body. So think about just like you have your Android or your iPhone operating system, and you’re running apps above it. The immune system is your operating system. And you take support of the immune system. This is why I’m doing so many videos on different ingredients. By the way everyone should become a Truth Freedom Health Warrior. You can contribute to our platform. Your contributions are what are enabling us to do this research etc. So I have my every Monday evening, at seven, I’m late. I do our Foundations of Systems course. Then we have a couple 100 people logging in today from all over the world. These are Truth Freedom Health warriors. They’re here to learn the science but anyway, what you find is from a Systems Approach, Garlic supports the immune system. And the immune system when it’s supported, has been for example, gastric ulceration, Garlic oil has been shown to lower ulceration by lowering the oxidative stress and the pro-inflammatory cytokines IL-10 & 12 then obesity, Garlic modulates a low grade inflammation. So there’s a direct link between obesity and inflammation. So in that case, Garlic modulates and reduces IL-6 and MCP-1 and two in human preadipocytes adipocytes are the fat cells. So when your body’s undergoing inflammation, it’s really weird. Your adipose tissue composed of adipocytes starts releasing these chemicals which is creating more and more fat cells, so you get fatter but what Garlic does, it comes in inhibits these particular inflammatory cytokines. Then cardiovascular disease, Garlic promotes an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory environment, thereby lowering arteriosclerosis and hypertension. Cardiovascular disease CVD. And the look at the effects that Allicin from Garlic induce has it induces apoptosis through the JNK pathway, and mitochondrial Bax translocation, and I’ll explain what that is, an aged Garlic extract increases the cytotoxicity of T-cell lineage, which in turn targets a cancer cell. So what do I mean by that? So, Allicin from the Garlic induces apoptosis. So, cancer has this unfortunate effect, where cells that are supposed to die, cell death is known as apoptosis. Apoptosis is a big word, you can use it with your friends. And what Garlic does, it induces apoptosis, you’re supposed to have that 10 billion cells everyday should die, and 10 billion cells should be reborn. But guess what, these cancer cells don’t die. So Garlic induces apoptosis, but Garlic also supports the cytotoxic T-cells to go eat away at the tumor cells. So that’s what we’re sharing here. And, by the way, what I wanted to share with you is when you so that’s really a multi-systems effect of Garlic that I wanted to share with you, it’s not any one thing, it’s a multi system effect. Again, now bringing it back to the political realm, you can apply. As above, so below, as below, so above.

So what we find is that the power of Garlic is as a multi-systems effect. This is why our movement, also as a multi-systems effect, goes down to the molecular level. But we also go down to a political level where we understand what we mean, we need to integrate Truth Freedom Health, without freedom, we’re not going to get to the truth. Without truth, we’re not going to find what’s good for our bodies.Today, most of the academic institutions are paid to play. So they’re always going to say, take a drug, take a drug, take a drug, they don’t want to look at food as medicine, it’s not in their repertoire, they don’t make money off of it. The Truth Freedom Health Movement, I want everyone to support us, to support you, because our movement is for you. And when you go to the Truth Freedom Health Movement, you’ll understand, we put my little banner up so you guys know where you can become a Truth Freedom Health Warrior, as I’m wrapping up here. On this dashboard, first of all, you get a whole bunch of education, I’ve created the books you can, you will understand like I’m going to teach tonight, the Science of Systems, you’ll get access to the book, as well as ‘Your Body, Your System’. And by there, I want to thank every one of you, you don’t have to pay me anything, you can join as a member and you get access to certain tools. But those of you who are contributing $25 or more will get access to the book, as well as this is my gift, get access to the software called ‘Your Body, Your System’, which will help you understand your body as a system. And those of you who are committing to your own education and contributing $100 or more, you get access to also the portal where you can educate others, you get access to more research, you get access to an entire course online also where you can be certified as a Truth Freedom Health Warrior, and then you get access to three more books. So you get the total four books where you can apply Systems Principles to you and your body. And then you can also get access to the scientific paper that I wrote, which is out there. And that’s for all of you who are doing $100 or more. So my theory here is that I cannot take something from you without giving back the principle of reciprocity. And by the way, I used to teach these courses that I might use, you’re getting an amazing opportunity. But education is only the first key that I want you to build a community, I want you to go on line, independent of Big Tech, where you can use the forum that we’ve created. And this is for everyone. Whether you contribute or not, you can start interacting with other people independent of Big Tech, you can start having conversations, and the Truth Freedom Health Warriors. We’ve also created a social media capability where you can build your pages and you can build community. And then I want you to get activated. Activated means you start understanding and educating others. It’s not enough that you get educated, it’s important that you share the knowledge. So when for example, you learn about the science of masks that we’ve done, you can understand that you can share this knowledge with the little three and a half by two inch card you can print out these cards, you can share the science with others, the public health implications of masks, same with the we want you to move beyond the Pro or Anti dialogue of Vax & Anti-Vax. We want you to teach people it’s not about one size fits all medicine. It’s about the right medicine, for the right person, at the right time. So this is what the gift here is. I want to let you know that we’ve created a three part model. Get educated, the community and get activated, on every issue we’re doing. We’re going to make you powerful warriors, healers and warriors for your body as well as the world as well as to educate other people. That’s what this is about.

Eastern Approach to Garlic

Now, finishing up Garlic, if you take that Eastern Approach everything I did today, up until now as I was taking the molecular Systems Approach, but what I teach in the courses I unraveled the Eastern Systems of Medicine, and you can take an Eastern Approach and the Eastern Approach reveals us something very interesting that if you look at your body by the way, those of you take ‘Your Body, Your System’, please go take advantage of this, but you’ll understand that there are three forces in the universe transport, conversion and storage. And you can answer a set of questions to understand how these forces come in you another set of questions to figure out when you’re off course and then how foods and medicines can bring you back on course, but if you look at Garlic, look with Garlic does it stabilizes transport, it stabilizes digestion, and it stabilizes Kapha which means make sure you don’t increase weight, supports digestion and supports the bowel movement, these kinds of processes. So Garlic is a very interesting herb which supports all of these processes.


How much should you take? Well, the research again, you should talk to your doctor. This is not a medical show. But four grams of fresh Garlic 800 milligrams of dried Garlic, the dried Garlic is more potent, you need less of it. The fresh Garlic, this is typically what I like to use for cardiovascular benefits according to (Ried et al., 2016 ) It’s about 1200-2400 of aged Garlic extract, you can find this in supplements for immunomodulation, which really supports the modulation of your immune system. (Percival S.S.,2016), 2500 milligrams per day of the age Garlic.


So, in summary, Garlic activates the cells of the innate and adaptive, it inhibits inflammatory enzymes such as ERK 1/2, as well as the cytokines involved in the cytokine storm, it mitigates allergic reactions. And then Garlic has many other values, gastric ulceration, cardiovascular disease, then metabolic diseases and cancer. There you go, everyone. So in summary, what I want to let you know is garlic is a multi-system herb. The biggest takeaway you want to send your immune system is your body’s operating system, support your immune system, boost immunity, building community, having friendships boosts immunity, and that’s what we should be focusing on. It’s not “vax or anti-vax,” it’s about what we do to boost immunity. I had to go a little bit faster than I normally like to do but I’ve hope you learn that Garlic is a very supportive medicine, for modulating the immune system, use it as a food, use it, study it more you can understand now you have the basis from a molecular systems level, as well as an Eastern Systems level, what it does to the whole body. So support our movement, support yourself, go to, contribute to this movement. But most importantly, I hope all of you become Truth Freedom Health warriors. And join me next Monday evening, and any Monday evening, you can come to the course. But this is your movement. We have to build a Bottoms-up movement, independent of Big Tech, independent of Big Pharma, independent of Big Media. Thank you everyone. Be the Light!

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