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Until there is concrete evidence, Greene says, “I won’t believe it because I can tell you from experience, just because it’s a headline and it says so in an article doesn’t mean it’s true.” Our guests are: Marjorie Taylor Greene, Victor Avila.

“What it’s about is this new narrative that’s basically War on Terror 2.0,” he said. “Wait till you see the full force of this version starring you.” Our guests are: Victor Avila, Kim Quatela, Darren Beattie, Doug Wardlow.

The Deep Church … Fraud and Fines Against Christians in Maricopa County (w/ Mark Finchem, John Fredericks, Sean Feucht, Tej Gill, Brian McCall, Bianca Gracia).

Former Navy Seal- Biden is ‘Socially Engineering’ Special Ops.

The Deep Church CCP’s Infiltration of Religious Institutions Revealed.

‘Dominion Blinked’: Arizona State Rep. Says Audit Will Find Fraud in Maricopa County.

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