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Remember Sarah Cooper? It’s OK if you don’t. Since Donald Trump left office, her cringey lip-synching anti-Trump comedy schtick really hasn’t served a purpose.

Well anyway, she’s still around, gracing Twitter with what we can only assume are supposed to be hilarious takes. Like this one, for example:

Not rolling on the floor while clutching your aching sides? Neither is Glenn Greenwald, who made this rather astute observation:

While you try to find the lie in Greenwald’s tweet, consider how Soledad O’Brien has chosen to frame it:

Glenn Greenwald pointing out that Sarah Cooper’s comedy career is on life support without Donald Trump to fuel it is “hating on women”? Since when is stating a fact misogynistic? Isn’t it a lot more sexist to boil Sarah Cooper’s whole identity down to her sex, which is only one aspect of who she is as a person?

And when will Soledad O’Brien cop to her own bigotry?

Typical Soledad O’Brien.

Shame on Soledad O’Brien. For this stuff, and also just in general. She’s just a bad person.

Worry about all the people who are so eager to buy the crap that people like Soledad O’Brien are selling.

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