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Hunter Biden: The Crown Prince of White Privilege

War Room mourns the loss of a Capitol Hill Police officer and wonders if the media coverage will be consistent after the suspect was revealed as a Nation of Islam follower. 

Boris Epshteyn and Dr. Peter Navarro react to the latest Hunter Biden soap opera interview. Navarro nukes Hunter as “white privilege Democrat royalty.” 

“The fact that he threw a gun in the trash, people who usually do that get 45 months in prison,” Navarro said.

“Why are you Jeff Zucker celebrating a guy who not only smoked crack, slept with the wife of his dead brother?” he said. “That’s normal soap opera stuff. Worst of all he got deep into bed with the Chinese Communist Party’s top spy.” 

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Capitol cop killed by ‘Nation of Islam’ knife-man who mowed him down

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Rome is a Preview of America

Dr. Navarro recaps the Chinese Communist Party’s money pot or honey pot strategy to compromise American elites and how they got to Hunter Biden.

“If this were Eric Trump, he’d have 20 indictments by now and he’d probably already be behind bars,” Navarro said.

“One picture like that guy had, right now if you’re a Republican scheduler on capitol hill…that poor kid would be in jail for 5 to 10 years,” Epshteyn said.

Plus, Navarro reacts to Rome being locked down again. “We are going to see problems like we’re seeing in Europe,” he said.

Shocking: Rome is Soviet-Style Police State Totally Shut Down on Good Friday

Justice in Not Blind

Boris Epshteyn reports on the double standard of the media coverage after a Nation of Islam follower killed a Capitol Hill police officer. Epshteyn said the media was “hoping that this was a white supremacist.”

“Justice is not blind, coverage is not blind, reactions are not blind,” he said. “If you are a conservative you have a different system of justice, different media coverage, than if you’re a Democrat.”

Plus, Epshteyn says Hunter Biden is “the surrogate from hell,” and the Biden crime family is hurting America. 

“The fact that he’s decrepit, his family is corrupt, the fact that you have this runaway…it is so horrible for the stature of American around the world,” he said.

The Unholy Saturday of Transhumanism 

Christian filmmaker Jason Jones helps preview War Room’s special on Transhumanism, which airs Saturday, April 3.

“The desire to live forever is implanted in all of us,” Jones said. “We were created by a loving God.”

Transhumanists pervert this, and War Room exposes all of it in what Jones called a “historic” 2-hour special.

Don’t miss it. Saturday, April 3 at 10 a.m. ET at

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