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So try as they may, all the coup members who committed sedition have lost their voices, along with their sneering smiles and their walk has become very hobbled. Pelosi looks terrible… far different than the smart alec ripping the State of the Union Address, which apparently became a self curse…as that is the last one she’s seen since that day. The next thing to rip will be her seat!

For people who are fed up .. fear not…evil is not winning. They are all falling apart. Their high days are gone. Look at them. All of them. Look close. They are miserable and scared to death. They are even screeching at each other now. The facade has imploded and they are all the laughing stock of the world. While those who waited upon the Lord are mounting up with wings like eagles, they are slithering on their bellies, faces drawn taut with defeat, and a mouth full of dirt! No one buys their goods anymore…from the lies of NASA to the bloody hands of the CDC. These organizations are all but shut down. Tick Tock….

Did Pelosi have a stroke, or Bells Palsy from the vaccine? Or is she just self destructing from hate?



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