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America is at war in a multi-pronged attack from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and it’s traitorous minions in the United States.

The Left was terrified this week as the former head of the CDC Robert Redfield declared he believes COVID-19 was a bioweapon developed in the Wuhan lab and did not originate in a nearby Chinese ‘wet market’ as the CCP and Faustian Dr. Anthony Fauci want you to believe.

This fact is very obvious that China allowed the pathogen to escape to the West, at exactly the same time the Trump administration was putting the screws to the CCP trade policy wise, and right before the 2020 U.S. general election.

No coincidences there right?

This biological weapon attack was followed by massive election fraud to install the illegitimate Biden administration in office, followed by mass illegal immigration on the souther border, the purging of our armed forces, etc, etc, etc. The election fraud was extremely complex and thorough, and had been planned for years.

Chinese infiltrators at our universities are stealing our intellectual property with hundreds of thousands of spies on our territory.

Chinese money has blackmailed, bribed, and corrupted our politicians, our government officials, our media, and our national security apparatus.

Cultural Marxism is behind the ‘woke’ movement and the corruption of our young minds away from freedom, capitalism, and self-government.

It’s time we admit what is happening. We cannot fight this evil until a majority of Americans are willing to tell the truth to those around them.

What is happening to our country at this very moment is a more existential threat to our nation than Pearl Harbor, 9/11, and WWII combined.

The CCP means to destroy our country, our freedom, and our children’s and grandhildren’s future.

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and their Dear Leader Barack Obama are leading this effort.

They have to be stopped.

Here’s how to start fighting back – stop buying Chinese products, stop shopping at companies that support this agenda, stop giving corporate media money by watching and reading their propaganda, organize local patriot groups, get off the communist social media – you know who they are, pressure your ‘elected’ representatives to stop the Biden-CCP agenda, get involved in local politics.

Start today.

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