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DEEP FREEZE, TX: 4.3 Million Lose Power, Nearly Half of Lone Star State’s Wind Turbines ‘Frozen’

posted by Hannity Staff – 2.16.21

Frigid temperatures in typically moderate Texas knocked out power for more than 4.3 million residents this week; keeping countless locals locked up in their homes as roads remain closed across the Lone Star State.

The 4.3 million total is more than Hurricanes Harvey, Laura, Katrina, and Sandy COMBINED as first responders struggle to reach vulnerable citizens.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

FROZEN, USA: Oklahoma City Sees Temps Drop to Minus-14 Degrees, COLDEST SINCE 1899

posted by Hannity Staff – 2.17.21

Thermometers in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma dropped to the lowest levels since 1899; plunging to minus-14 degrees Fahrenheit and missing the all-time coldest record by just 2 degrees.

“Oklahoma City recorded its second-coldest temperature on record with a low of minus 14 degrees. Only a minus 17 degree reading in 1899 is colder in the city’s weather records,” reports

The frigid weather also affected large sections of Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas.

Read the full report here.

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