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Sidney Powell spoke up after SCOTUS meetings on Friday, February 19th, on the election fraud — She expects Orders and Opinions next week.  In a post on Telegram, Sidney Powell said that she expects opinions to be announced on Thursday. Updates can be found on Sidney Powells website at: DTR – Home Page – DEFENDING THE REPUBLIC

And, while you are here, she says, help her build a following to get the truth out!

And while you are there, also like Lou Dobbs, Don Trump Jr., Lin Wood, heck – you will find all the people with the truth on Telegram!

Expect news on the 2020 election fraud cases on Monday or Thursday. We will soon find out if the entire judicial branch is as corrupted as the Department of Justice.

President Trump, his QUIET always comes before the STORM! Get ready!

Listen close, what is he telling you? Listen real close. Smile.

President Trump will be speaking at CPAC in Orlando, Florida! Conference dates are February 25-28, 2021!

Find out more at: CPAC 2021 | Get your ticket today! (


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