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The Democrats incited this outcome which works massively to their advantage by demonizing Trump supporters by systematically denying and and all legal recourse or investigation into an election that even TODAY 78% of Trump voters agree was “stolen.”

  • 59 of 60 Legal challenges to the election were either summarily dismissed with words many supporters deemed insulting like “did not prove,” and “record does not support,” and “implausible conclusions,” and “lack of evidence” despite there being no public hearings or proceedings in most cases, merely a judge reading a filing and ruling on it. “Indeed, many of the Trump losses were on procedural questions.” According to the Washington Times, who also wrote “That left Trump supporters complaining that judges were hiding behind technicalities in order to avoid dealing with the substance of the president’s case that the election was stolen.”
  • The Supreme Court chose not to hear Texas vs. Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan & Pennsylvania due to a “lack of standing” despite the clear, common-sense original jurisdiction under the Constitution for “controversies between two or more states”. In many Americans’ eyes, the ultimate defenders of the Constitution, obviously violated it in refusing to hear the case.
  • The States of Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin refused to conduct comprehensive signature match audits of thoroughly compromised Dominion Voting Systems ballots, in spite of damning reporting of vulnerabilities and serious allegations of fraud.
  • Despite the opinions of multiple respected Constitutional Scholars, Vice President Mike Pence refused to reject electoral college results from states with open irregularities and active electoral controversies.

At any one of these points, the events of January 6th could have and SHOULD HAVE been prevented. None of them may have resulted in President Trump’s re-election, but any single one of them could be pointed to as proof that the voice of the American people was heard and that their concerns were addressed. Instead, half of the country was scorned, belittled, demonized, lied about and continue to be to this day. It didn’t have to be this way.

Admittedly That Was a Bit of a Tangent.. Back to the Turncoat

Honestly, with such thoroughly debunked reasons, if Jim Hendren just didn’t want to be a Republican anymore, he should’ve just said so without insulting half the nation and his voter base and furthermore insulting our intelligence. Another RINO is off to join the DNC, another turncoat won’t be missed.

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