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New polls show Senate Minority Leader McConnell is in the tank with an 18% favorable rating and 64 percent unfavorable. Note he is now the Minority leader and in more ways than one. I swear he is looking more and more like Joey every day. Do these guys morph after a certain length of truth exposure? Kinda like what happens to vampires in daylight? If so, let’s keep exposing their liar deeds and evil acts! They can deny, deny…but truth is the weapon they all FEAR. They can’t run from the truth and their liar press can’t stop truth from surfacing when patriots spread it. They try and censor us all to keep their lies from being known…but they had no idea that after this length of time and being kicked off Twitter, You Tube, Facebook, even taking down Parler, that the TRUTH OF THEM ALL TAKING PART IN ALLOWING A STOLEN ELECTION WOULD STILL BE THE TOPIC GOING VIRAL!

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These guys don’t ever look happy. They are supposed to have won…they look more like losers who’ve been caught and on the way to the principles office, don’t ya think?

The new Senate Majority Schumer comes in second with a 31% unfavorable view and 42% favorable. Come on Chucky…what happened? How did you win an election and a month into the new term you have 31% ratings? You must have gotten Dominion over your opponent. That’s the only way it looks like you got to stay in your seat.

Third place loser is House Speaker Pelosi, coming in at a 37% favorable view with 53% unfavorable. However she did win first place for the best liar of the Demon rat party and an emmy for Best Wrap-Up Smear during the Trump Administration.

Pelosi back in the day before the 2020 Joey win, when she was smirky and enjoyed gloating about politics. She sure hasn’t been gloating lately.
One year ago…Pelosi was melting…..
This week she was rattled, fearful, nervous, angry and banging her podium.
Listen close to each word from this evil vial liar. He was responsible along with Pelosi for Capitol securioty and refused the pleas from the Capitol Chief of Police to call in national guard when they were over run. Nor did he heed the Chiefs cautions for more help days before. He also new since Feb. 1, 2021 the full report from Capitol Chief of Police Sund, that the Trump supporters did not break in, and it was ANTIFA and organizer actors. Now this man stands up and condems CITIZENS MAINLY LAW ABIDING CIITIZENS LIKE YOU AND ME in front of the world. Are you going to let him get away with saying you are a mob and beat cops and breeched the capitol while he knows it was ANTIFA AND HE HELPED COORDINATE THE BREECH?
Mitch McConnel NEEDS REMOVED FOR TREASON NOW. He needs to be charged with the crimes he committed and all of his LIES NEED EXPOSED!

McConnell has accused all the Trump Supporters who went to Washington of being a MOB, and charges YOU BEAT THE COPS AND BREECHED THE CAPITOL. HE SAYS YOU MUST BE DEALT WITH!


It’s time to recall all of these evil losers who have no idea what the constitution really says, means, and stands for or worse, they just don’t care. We are at war and the enemy is in our congressional and senate seats…not sure what exactly is in the White House, but that needs flushed out too, along with whoever is handling Biden. Expose their lies and bring them out legally!! All of them!


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