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Last night Joe Biden held a very strange and disastrous town hall on CNN.


All sorts of things went wrong.

Where do we begin?

Well, for starters Joe suggested that minorities don’t know how to use the internet.


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He has that typical liberal attitude that minorities are stupid and need help and support from white liberals to make it through life.

Give me a break.

Biden also praised China and excused their abuse and persecution as cultural differences and norms.

This guy is a bough-and-paid-for-China puppet. It’s a total joke.

Biden also claimed that there was no COVID vaccine when he took office.

You can call that a blatant lie, or Alzheimer’s. I’d say it’s probably the latter since it’s so widely known and easily proved that Trump is the guy who got the vaccine done.


Biden actually took the vaccine shot when Trump was in the White House. I just don’t think he remembers.

The guy has oatmeal for brains.

But it was what he said about kids that had everyone creeped out the most.


Joe said, “everyone knows I love kids more than people.”

Uh, yeah…we’ve seen how you treat young girls, you creep.

Here’s what Kayleigh said as she signed off social media for the night: “Signing off with a final notable quote from Joe Biden during his town hall this evening: “Everyone knows I love kids better than people.”

This says a lot, doesn’t it? Someone ass high-up on the political food chain as Kayleigh being well aware of the disgusting rumors and videos involving Joe and kids.

Below is the type of video that has earned Joe the gross reputation he has:

This is not normal behavior, and as a mother, if any man spoke to my daughter or touched her that way, he’d be dealing with the police in record time.


And the fact that the media and Dems shrug off, and defend this disgusting behavior as “Joe just loves kids too much,” is sickening. It’s allowing predatorial and abusive behavior to continue…and this coming from the political party that supposedly “fights” for the little guy and #MeToo.

What a pile of hypocritical phony garbage.

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