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Let’s get real. We all know who’s President. It ain’t Joe Biden.

Joe is playing Mariocart. Kamala is calling the shots.

Actually it’s Obama, Susan Rice, and Valerie Jarrett calling the shots, but Kamala sits in The White House taking orders.

What a travesty of justice and freedom…organized crime on steroids.

This is what a coup looks like.

Yes, there was massive election fraud, and these people are fraudsters.

Kamala/Obama/Rice wasted no time sending American forces back into Syria and halting the withdrawal of U.S. forces from the Middle East begun under President Trump, a kept promise of the Trump administration.

On February 15th, 14 rockets struck the area of the US military base near Erbil International Airport, 4 of them within the compound, 10 of which were near strikes. One private contractor was killed and 5 were injured. In a rare event, 1 US service member was also wounded, reported Zero Hedge.

The casualties have started again.

Another faceless, flag draped coffin arriving a Dover AFB.

I wonder if Kamala will go join the family, and ‘comfort them’.

She doesn’t give a damn about boys and girls from Kansas, or the Bronx from that matter, dying in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, as long as the war machine stays well-funded and lubed with American young lives.

We can expect more ‘indefensible’ actions from Assad and Putin in Syria which demand an American response. Putin, the leader of oligarchs that he is, is the perfect foil for these globalists led by Beijing.

We can expect more pallets of cash heading to Iran in the middle of the night to foment terror across the Fertile Crescent, which will in turn require more American troops be sent to the Middle East.

John Bolton will be happy. The Mullahs will be happy. Barack Hussein Obama will be very happy.

And Americans will keep dying.

Welcome to The Great Reset.

Now, are you going to get involved in your local elections or what? Are you going to delete Facebook, Twitter, Google or not? Are you going to stop watching the corporate media and giving them money, and shopping at big box retailers that want to send your son or daughter to die?

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