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Screenshot Parler

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Parler is finally back, and today the servers seem to be working efficiently, with little delay or glitching. The new platform is much easier to use and engage than the last iteration. Hats off to the Parler team for coming back in the face of Silicon Valley tyranny and making the platform even better.

However, we at CDMedia tell the truth, no matter where the truth spear strikes.

It does not seem to us that Parler is completely free speech. The AI (artificial intelligence) installed seems to prevent some things from being posted.

For instance, we tried multiple times to post a recent story on election integrity in Georgia. The image below shows us trying to post the title, and the associated link, as we do all day long on other networks. You can see the title populates but the link does not.

Why is that?

We think it is the algorithm stopping the correct post.

Screenshot Parler

Why would Parler prevent posts about election integrity and election fraud? Billed as a free speech conservative social media alternative, you would think this subject would be fair game.

Apparently not, at least for now.

Certain questions need to be asked — Is Parler putting its finger on the scale in favor of the Establishment, anti-Trump wing of the Republican Party? Or, is it just the software needs to be tweaked?

We were successful in posting the link eventually after about 5 tries.

CDMedia will be reaching out to Parler for information on its algorithm.

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