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Joseph Menslage, publisher of Katy Christian Magazine, interviewed Dr. Steven Hotze regarding efforts to expose an election fraud scheme in Harris County, Texas. At stake: ballot integrity and questionable voting tactics in the Houston area.

Excerpted quotes below:

This massive election fraud scheme was organized by Democrat County Commissioner Rodney Ellis, and State Senator Borris Miles. Their two captains were Gerald Womack and Dallas Jones, who employed groups of soldiers to harvest ballots by mail from nursing homes, homeless centers, and poor neighborhoods. Harvesting ballots by mail is a felony in the state of Texas.”~ Dr. Steven Hotze

The Harris County Clerk, Chris Hollins, created drive-thru voting at 10 locations, nine of which were in Democrat County Commissioner precincts. ~ Dr. Steven Hotze

The Democrat leadership boasted that, by using ballot by mail harvesting, they would be able to carry Harris County by 700,000 votes, which in turn would have shifted Texas into the Biden camp. This would have been a swing of 76 electoral votes. Had this occurred, Trump would have been defeated in Texas as would have Senator John Cornyn.~ Dr. Steven Hotze


Election Fraud Scheme in the News

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